Season 3 Episode 21

Angelica's Worst Nightmare / The Mega Diaper Babies

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Mar 13, 1994 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Angelica's Worst Nightmare:
Charlotte is having a baby, but Angelica does not like the idea of having another mouth to feed.

The Mega Diaper Babies:
The Rugrats play-act their favorite super-heroes, "The Mega Hyper-Heroes", a Captain Planet-type program, as Angelica commandeers their action figures.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Angelica dreams about having a little brother and he turns out to be a nightmare.

    classic! I love this two episodes, wished i had recorded them. the baby in angelica's nightmare reminded me of someone, and to this day i still can't figure out who. It showed the fear of bieng pushed to one side splendidly. The hyper babies were soo cute, I liked how the babies chosse thier own super powers, well except for chuckie. It was cool how Tommy rallied the others when they were about to give up in saving thier action figures. He's a true leader that one. My fav part were when the hyper babies were attacked by the flying animals.moreless
  • brilliant and exciting i love big boy he could eat me any day

    i thought the episode angelicas worst nightmare was brilliant especially in angelicas nightmare where her baby brother comes after her.she thinks she is safe and then crashes into the giant foot.the giant \'big boy\' picks her up in the car.he says i wonder what toy cars taste like.she screams nooooooooooo please i\'m your big sister then he says now you are num nums and without any thought he simply hold the car over his mouth angelica falls out but grabs onto the steering wheel,her arms get weak and she falls down big boys throat he swallows her and says tasty.moreless
Gregg Berger

Gregg Berger

Dr. Daniel Prescott

Guest Star

Jim Turner (I)

Jim Turner (I)

New Baby/"Big Boy"/Metalitron/Mega Hyper Hero

Guest Star

Neil Ross

Neil Ross

Mega Hyper Hero

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: When Tommy, the Changing Baby, changes into an Octopus and fights the "Robo-Buster", we can see Tommy's gums, as usual. But when the "Robo-Buster" tries to pull Changing Baby off, Tommy has a full set of teeth, something he doesn't have yet (he only has one tooth).

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Angelica: Peeyew! What is that smell?
      (Chuckie is groaning, emitting his super odor)
      Changing Baby (Tommy): It's Stinky!
      Dotted-Line Girl (Lil): I'll say!

    • Angelitron: Where do you think you're going, Dotted-Line Girl?
      Dotted-Line Girl: But... but how did you see me? I'm just a dotted line!
      Angelitron: Psh, any idiot can see a dotted line!

    • Angelica: What am I, chopped slivers?

    • Charlotte: We're giving him your room and all your toys. You can sleep in the laundry room.
      Angelica: But...
      Charlotte: And we didn't have time to make dinner for you, so here's a piece of cheese. And when the dryer's done, you can fold the towels!

    • Angelica: I'm your only sister!
      Big Boy: Now you're num-nums!

    • Chuckie: Just answer one thing to me, Tommy; just answer one thing. (yelling) Why do I always have to be Stinky?

    • Angelitron: Any idiot can see a dotted line!

    • Angelica: (On the phone with a shrink) My mommy's going to have a baby! Then they won't have enough time for me. What should I do?
      Doctor: Angelica, you need to understand that there are other people in this world. Things don't revolve around you. You need to learn to share and let others take the spotlight once in a while. What do you say?
      Angelica: What a quack.

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