Season 1 Episode 4

Baby Commercial / Little Dude

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Sep 08, 1991 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In this episode, the twins are dressed in different clothes at the TV studio. There's a spot where they cut to them sitting in the stroller. Notice that they are now wearing the clothes they normally wear. After they cut back to the full scene, they are wearing their studio clothes again.

  • Quotes

    • Jonathan: (At the window; to Phil, Lil, and Tommy) Hey kids. Tell your mom how much fun it was working with Jonathan, okay? Please, tell her. I've got candy. (they crawl away from the window) Hey, where are you going? Come back. I'll get you anything you want: toys, games, your own dressing room. Come back! It'll be different! I PROMISE!

    • Phil: Wow, he sure likes diapers.
      Lil: Maybe he isn't potty trained.

    • Rocko: (During a food fight) HOLD IT! (All action stops as he strolls over to the jock holding Tommy) I'll take that. (He takes Tommy and strolls to the door) Okay. (The food fight instantly resumes)

    • Bob: They can't hear you, Mrs. Deville - they're advertising excecutives.

    • Football Player: I just had this WASHED!

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