Season 1 Episode 2

Barbeque Story / Waiter, There's A Baby In My Soup

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Aug 18, 1991 on Nickelodeon

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  • great

    Barbeque Story:

    Didi and Stu hold a 4th of July barbeque party. Angelica gets her hands on Tommy's new favorite toy, a ball he got, and she throws it in a neighbor's yard, so now Tommy must get his ball back.

    Waiter, There's a Baby in my soup:

    Stu and Didi's babysitter unexpectedly cancels and they must take Tommy to an important dinner, where Stu is trying to impress a toymaker company.

    Good episodes. Barbeque Story was my favorite of the two because I felt it had a better plot, but both episodes had a lot of good in their own way. Overall my final grade is going to be somewhere in the "B" range, I think is fair