Season 9 Episode 3

Bug Off/The Crawl Space

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Feb 11, 2003 on Nickelodeon
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Bug Off:
Taffy takes the Rugrats to a high school basketball game, where the Hornets are playing the visiting Poodles. However, Taffy "volunteers" herself to replace one of the cheerleaders, after one of them, her best friend Britannica, sprained their ankle, after Taffy caused their pyramid to collapse. As she does so, she leaves the Rugrats alone in the bleachers while she fills in for Britannica, and eventually, everyone else on the cheerleading squad. Because of this, the Rugrats imagine that the Hornets' mascot was actually a real, giant hornet, trying to "sting" the Rugrats.

The Crawl Space:
Didi wanted Stu to clean up the living room for Boris & Minka's visit, which includes putting the toys away. Sarcastically, Stu says that he would put the toys, and the babies, into the crawlspace. Angelica interprets this by banishing the Rugrats to the crawl space, where they could play there, while Angelica has the living room all to herself, to the displeasure of Susie. Meanwhile, Stu invents an automatic plant waterer, but while he accidentally bumps his head, the Rugrats took them into the crawl space. When Stu returned, he thought he was losing his memory.moreless

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      • I can see the lawsuits now: the cheerleaders were doing a 3-high pyramid. This is considered a dangerous stunt at high school level; in fact, the nationally recognized "spirit rule book", used by pretty much every competition organization, outlaws them. (No person is allowed to be supported by someone who is not themselves on the ground.)

      • While it's true that most of the uniforms had, in fact, illegal numbers (the digits 6-9 are not allowed in high school, so the officials don't have to use both hands to signal fouls to the scorer), there might be an explanation: they never did say that it was a varsity game (which might also explain the 7-6 final score), and at JV and lower levels, the uniform rules usually don't apply.

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