Season 2 Episode 16

Chuckie Loses His Glasses / Chuckie Gets Skunked

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Dec 20, 1992 on Nickelodeon
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Chuckie Loses His Glasses: Angelica plays a hide and seek game with the babies, but its all a plan to steal Chuckie's glasses. Chuckie Gets Skunked: The adults are trying to catch a skunk and Tommy and Chuckie join the hunt and Chuckie ends up being skunked. The babies and grown ups try everything to get rid of the smell.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Chuckie gets accidentally sprayed by a skunk.

    This really is a clever episode of Rugrats I've seen in years. It starts when Stu, Grandpa, and Chaz are in the backyard and they spotted a skunk and they tried to get rid of it but it was too risky for them, so they fled. Tommy and Chuckie went to the backyard themselves until Chuckie saw the skunk and sprayed him. The adults tried everything from a mud bath through perfume on Chuckie, but nothing worked. So Chuckie gives up until Boris and Minka came by and brought their soup with them and Chuckie got in the soup and then the adults came by and Chuckie doesn't smell no more. Chuckie was so happy that he doesn't smell like a skunk anymore. There were a lot of hilarious senses like the adults fleeing from the skunk and in the end Stu and Chaz got sprayed by the skunk.moreless
  • Chuckie gets skunked and his Dad and the others try various ways to get him not to smell. DeDe tells him to give him a bath in tomato paste and he said he tried that and his skin started to come off.moreless

    'Chuckie Gets Skunked' is my favorite Rugrats. Especially the part where Boris and Minka are bringing borsch and Chuckie says: 'It's your grandma's porch.'Grandpa suggests that they ride him around in the truck for him to 'air' out. That doesn't work either.

    Finally, Chuckie gets in the borsch and the rest of the babies join him, Stu finds them and then they order out pizza. Grandpa says it tastes better than usual.

    When Stu and Charles go outside to take out the empty pizza boxes, guess who gets 'skunked' this time?

    Wonderful, good clean family fun!

    I would love to buy this on DVD.moreless
Jack Riley

Jack Riley

Stu Pickles

David Doyle

David Doyle


E. G. Daily

E. G. Daily

Tommy Pickles

Michael Bell

Michael Bell

Drew Pickles/Chazz Finster/Boris

Christine Cavanaugh

Christine Cavanaugh

Chuckie Finster

Melanie Chartoff

Melanie Chartoff

Didi Pickles/Minka

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    • Tommy: (about what happened last night) And then I heard the sound like I've never heard in my life, it was awful.
      Lil: Was it the skunk?
      Tommy: Nah, it was Chuckie. So I gotta out of that old bush as fast as I could but it was too late.
      Phil: You mean...?
      Tommy: Yep. Chuckie got skunked.

    • Tommy: (His vision distorted from wearing Chuckie's glasses) Chuckie! Come down! It's us!
      Phil: Tommy, um, that's a bag of vegetables.
      Tommy: It is? (The bag bursts open)

    • (Angelica enters the room moaning and groaning nauseously; Drew notices)
      Drew: Honey, you look a little sick.
      (Angelica barfs on Drew in a very graphic manner)
      Drew: Oh, NO! All over my new sweater!!
      (Angelica moans again)
      Drew: Come on, honey. Let's... clean this up. (carries Angelica into the other room)

    • Didi: That skunk has the right to be here like the rest of us.

    • Chuckie: Tommy? I think you need a new diaper.

    • Chuckie: Tommy, you don't think Angelica's still mad about the crayons, do ya'?
      Tommy: Nah, that was a long time ago. Besides, you only ate two of 'em.

    • Grandpa: It can get into your rutabegas and cause no end of trouble!
      Stu: But Pop, we don't have any rutabegas.
      Grandpa: Not anymore you don't!

    • Lou: (Walks around blind and runs into clown lamp) Oh, Didi, have you seen my glasses?

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