Season 3 Episode 25

Cradle Attraction / Moving Away

Aired Daily 2:00 PM May 22, 1994 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Goof: In Moving Away, Drew said that he and Chaz have known each other since high school, but in the Santa Experience, Chaz mentions that they did a play in the fourth grade.

    • Goof: In "Moving Away" we learn that Tommy, Stu and Didi moved from Akron and did not always live near Chuckie, Angelica or Phil and Lil. But, in "Showdown at Teeter Totter Gulch" (Season 2) Chuckie says he has known Tommy since he was eight days old. How can this be considering Tommy moved to his present home when he was nearly a year old ?

  • Quotes

    • Phil: (To Chuckie about Megan) If I were you, I'd just stay outta her way. She might have rabies or somethin'.

    • Charlotte: Those ingrades! I gave MergeCorp the best years of my life, and they have given that New York V.P. job to that weasel Jonathan! There's no loyalty in this town, Drew!

    • Angelica: Nothing has changed! If you think I'm gonna start being nice to you, you got another thing coming! Lay off me, will you?

    • Phil: That's the weirdest thing I ever sawed.
      Lil: Yeah; I think they're both nuts.

    • Chuckie: I know it's a little too early to talk about marriage, but hey, I'll be turning 3 next year.

    • (Angelica's head is stuck in the fence, facing the next yard)
      Phil: Hey, Angelica, ain't that the yard with the big, nasty dog in it?
      Angelica: What big, nasty dog?

    • Drew: Hi, you Betty Deville?
      Betty: That depends. You from the county?

  • Notes

    • "Cradle Attraction/Moving Away" are the last regular episodes to air when Rugrats originally ended production in 1994. The final episode, "Passover", is a special.

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