Season 8 Episode 2

Curse of the Werewuff

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Oct 28, 2002 on Nickelodeon

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  • Halloween Review #24


    In this episode, the Rugrats' parents take them trick-or-treating for the first time, at an amusement park. But of course, there has to be the hard way -- Angelica explains to the Rugrats what Halloween is, but, as usual, she always does it in a way to scare them even more. She tells them that if they dress up as a certain character, they actually become that character, and remain so for the rest of their life. Chuckie, who planned on being a werewolf, especially becomes traumatised by her story, to a point where he starts having nightmares about what Angelica said. However, Angelica is willing to turn the little "monsters" back into Rugrats, but only if they give all their candy to Angelica. This is especially important to her, as her parents banned her from trick-or-treating after she ate Halloween candy before Halloween. Will Chuckie and the Rugrats know the real truth about Halloween? Will Angelica get her just desserts? Of course, on both counts; but, as they say, getting there is half the fun. I thought that this was a superb Halloween episode of "Rugrats". My only issue was Angelia... she was getting me a little angry. Also, did the writers forget that they made a Halloween episode in Season 1? I'm asking because the babies asked "What's Halloween?" and then Angelica explains what's Halloween. They did that same thing in the Season 1 Halloween episode. There were some pretty funny parts in this episode... Chuckie being scared that he is a big bad wolf was funny. The ending with Angelica being in trouble was also awesome because she deserved it for almost taking the candy from the babies. Overall, a superb Halloween episode of "Rugrats". 9/10

  • I think Chuckie is afraid of the big bad wolf himself.

    After Angelica parents discovered Angelica eating all the candies.They ban her from trick or treating to get more candies.As the others begin to wear the costume.Angelic explains that once that they wear the costume,that they are wearing.They would become permittly the costume that they are wearing which is real.Of course that freaks Chuckie out of course.But if they wanted to be back to normal.During their trick or treating after they are done.They will have to give Angelic all their candies of course.
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