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Why are there a bunch of Drew Pickles videos on YouTube?

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    [1]Jul 30, 2012
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    Why is there? They portray him as a homosexual that.....(cannot say it, too inappropriate for the site). They make him talk in a Microsoft Sam voice saying that stuff like "Lalalalalalalalalalbagbagbag!" It's annoying and unfunny! It's called Barney Bunch and they made other characters in that as well. What do you think of this?

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    [2]Dec 17, 2012
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    You never heard of the Barney Bunch? It was some meme that started on NewGrounds.

    These videos are actually somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. My brother and I made quite a few of them (under the bigboyrats ID), many of them being dubovers of actual Rugrats episodes done using Speakonia, and when they aren't being gay or inappropriate, they often break the fourth wall and lampshade many Rugrats trademarks (Microsoft Sam Drew asks at the start of one episode doing the standard close-up bit, "Why do we always start these 'Rugrats' episodes with grotesque close-ups of something?"
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    mysterytipster wrote:
    and when they aren't being gay or inappropriate
    And here is where the quote from our current president comes in, "Just because we CAN do something does NOT mean that we SHOULD do something". In this case, just because people CAN make crackpot theories about Angelica being a suicidal druggie who invented the babies from her own imagination or CAN make horrific videos that depict Angelics's father as a violent, homosexual rapist with tendecies towards incest and pedophilia does NOT mean people SHOULD be producing that garbage. It's part of WHY the world's so demoralized and desensitized; because people NO LONGER exercise their conscience and only care about cheap, unfunny humor that pisses morally-driven persons off and further brings the world closer to Hell in a hand basket.
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