Season 2 Episode 24

Game Show Didi / Toys In The Attic

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Apr 11, 1993 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Goof: For "Super Stumpers", Didi did her hair differently; it was put together in one, big, round clump. However, when she selected her Gold Dalmatian statuary and held onto it at the end of this episode, her hair is back in the normal, 3-pointed fashion. By the way, this episode was the first time we see Didi's hair in anything but the "3-points".

  • Quotes

    • Boris: Ay-ay-ay. What is all these things? I don't know. In the old country, we never had all this verkackte stuff. If you wanted to take the babies to town, you just threw them in the wagon and hitched up the goats.
      Minka: I know. Kids today think they invented the kinderlach. It just takes a little common...(sees Angelica standing on a globe with a plastic doll) YAAHH!
      Boris: A little common "YAAHH"? YAAHH!

    • (Minka opens the bedroom door to check on the kids)
      Minka: How's my little dumplings? (The kids are gone; Minka gasps)
      Minka: Boris! Wake up! The dumplings are gone!
      Boris: No, they're in the ice box where I left them
      Minka: Not those dumplings, the childrens!
      Boris: Oy! The dumplings!

    • (On the stairs to the attic)
      Tommy: Maybe we should go back
      Angelica: Go back? And give up all those toys? What are you, a "dumbnick?"
      Tommy: I don't know. What's a "dumbnick?"
      Angelica: Oy!

    • Alan Quebec: This automotive tool is used to tighten bolts.
      Didi: (Buzzes in after a brief pause) What is a torque wrench?
      Alan: You're absolutely right, and Didi, you don't have to answer in a form of a question.
      Didi: Okay.

    • Drew: You'll have lots of fun here this week.
      Angelica: But they don't even have cable!

    • Stu: C'mon guys; we got a plane to catch! If we're late, we're not gonna get any nuts!

    • Minka: Boris, did you hurt your "shmegege"?
      Boris: I'm okay; just find me the policy.

    • Boris: Why don't you turn on the Sesame Seed (Sesame Street) for them to watch?
      Minka: What am I, your servant girl? Why don't you turn on the Sesame Seed?
      Boris: I can't. I'm too old.
      Minka: I'm old, too.
      Boris: But I'm older.
      Minka: By 2 weeks!
      Boris: It was a leap year!
      Minka: Leap year, schmeap year! Now go turn on the Seed!
      Boris: Wait a minute. I have a better idea. Why don't we all take a little nap?

    • (At night, Angelica and Tommy are climbing up the attic stairs)
      Tommy: (Stops) Um, Angelica, maybe we should go back.
      Angelica: And give up all those toys? What are you a 'dumbnik'?
      Tommy: I don't know. What's a 'dumbnik'?
      Angelica: (Puts her hand on her head) Oy!

    • (Tommy, Angelica, Grandpa Boris and Grandma Minka are looking at pictures)
      Minka: And this is Grandpa Boris the day he drove the mules through the fence.
      Boris: I did not drive them through the fence! That shnook Heinsel moved them during the night, how was I to know?
      Angelica: Why didn't you use a truck to drive through the fence Mr. Grandpa Boris?
      Boris: Well, you see darling- I DID NOT DRIVE THROUGH THE FENCE!

  • Notes

    • The part of "Super Stumpers" host Alan Quebec is played by no other than Mr. "Jeopardy!" himself, Alex Trebek. Canadian-born Trebek first arrived on American airwaves in 1973 as host of The Wizard Of Odds, later hosting other shows like High Rollers, Battlestars, Double Dare (the 1976 Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Production on CBS, NOT the messy game show on Nick), and, eventually, Jeopardy! in 1984. At one time, he hosted 3 game shows at once -- Jeopardy!, To Tell The Truth, and Classic Concentration. Older Canadians may also recognise Trebek as an announcer and on-air personality on the CBC; while there, he was host of a dance program called Music Hop, and the host of a quiz bowl-type game called Reach For The Top; he was also an occasional guest panelist on Canada's longest-running game show, Front Page Challenge. Trebek is one of 2 game show hosts to appear on Rugrats; Wheel Of Fortune's Pat Sajak (another friend of Merv's), appears in "Chuckie Is Rich", this time as himself.

    • As for the dalmatian statuary, which Didi chose for her prize -- it frequently appeared as decoration on Wheel Of Fortune, when contestants used their winnings to shop for prizes after each round. In 1987 (in syndication) and 1989 (NBC), the shopping segments were replaced with the money each contestant has earned in the round.

  • Allusions

    • Boris: Why don't you turn on the Sesame Seed for them to watch?

      Sesame Seed is a parody of the popular PBS Kids' show Sesame Street.

    • Title: Toys in the Attic
      Also the name to Aerosmith's third album released in 1976. The album includes their hit songs even today, "Walk This Way" and "Sweet Emotion."