Season 3 Episode 10

Give And Take / The Gold Rush

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Nov 28, 1993 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Mr. Banana Head is a spoof on Mr. Potato Head.

    • Goof: When Stu was able to bring Mr. Boppo back to life by blowing him up, Tommy exclaimed "It's a miracle!" However, in the Chanukah episode, he is unable to say "miracle" properly

  • Quotes

    • (Chuckie becomes afraid that Angelica might break Boppo)
      Chuckie: I think Boppo needs a little rest.
      Angelica: Like I care, he's just another stupid little clown doll anyway.
      Chuckie: He is not just another stupid clown doll, he's... a clown doll? He's a clown? But... I hate clowns!

    • Phil: A kid his age should be playing with his friends, not alone in his room boppin his Boppo.

    • Lil: (After Chuckie says "it's all of our nickels") We get part of a nickel! (A little subdued) Which part?

    • Angelica: Pretend this nickel's a pie.
      Phil: What flavor?
      Angelica: What difference does it make?
      Lil: There's a difference between a chocolate pie and an apple pie.

    • Phil: (After discovering that everyone is greedy over the nickel) When you find a nickel, you start to see things a little differently.

    • Chuckie: I don't need no stinkin' nickel!

    • Angelica: No one makes a monkey out of Angelica C. Pickles!

    • Mr. Boppo: Hi! I'm Boppo!

    • Angelica: Another boring day at the Finster house. I can't believe I'm spending the best days of my life here!

    • (After Angelica told Chuckie that Mr. Boppo was a clown (which Chuckie is afraid of), he lets the air out)
      Chuckie: He's gone.
      Angelica: Yep! Flat as a cat on a highway!

    • Angelica: Let me know if you want me to break anymore of your best friend's toys. See ya!

    • Lil: Hey, don't throw your sand where I'm diggin', Philip!
      Phil: Well, don't dig where I'm throwin' my sand, Lillian!

    • Chuckie: Hey, guys, look at this. (Knocks Boppo back)
      Boppo: Hi, I'm Boppo! (Chuckie laughs)
      Tommy: Chuckie, that's all he says.
      Chuckie: Yeah, but this time he sounds like he means it!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • This episode is based on the 1948 classic John Huston film The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, which starred Humphrey Bogart.