Season 2 Episode 18

Meet The Carmichaels / The Box

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Jan 10, 1993 on Nickelodeon

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  • My favorate ever since I was a tot.

    Out of all the Rugrats episodes, this one was my favorate. It's so funny how a child's mind works. The Carmichaels move nextdoor, and we meet suzie for the first time! It was so funny how Suzie was getting used to the new house and she thought she "lost" her room. She and Tommy go searching for it while all the movers are putting everything in the house. And she "finds" that special place of hers in the room where she first started (after everything been moved in). Although, I did like the first appearence of one part of the cast, I liked the next episode the most. Stu tries to built what is called the "kiddie carnival" but it all turns into a disaster when he has to put it together. Meanwhile the box the toy came in gets sent to all over the place, and the babies all each find their own way of playing with it. Tommy thinks it's a racecar, then Chuckie thinks it's a rocket ship, and then Phil thinks it's a house, while Lil thinks it's a cave. All causes a comotion when they all find the same box in Tommy's backyard and Angelica claimes it hers, even though all she sees is a box. Then the box breaks, but the babies still find their own ways of playing with it in pieces. But Angelica gets angry at them because she doesn't get the concept. In the end, Stu decides to make boxes his knew idea for a children's toy. The imagination in these characters is what I loved the most about this series! (and I miss it so).