Season 2 Episode 18

Meet The Carmichaels / The Box

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Jan 10, 1993 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Although you can hear Tommy crying while the box he was playing in is taken outside, his facial expression shows no indication that he's crying.

    • Look carefully: Each cycle the camera makes during Phil and Lil's argument reveals additional details of the twins' pretend locations inside the box.

  • Quotes

    • Angelica: You dumb babies, stop having fun! It's just a stupid box!

    • Stu: Randy Carmichael? Randy "Dummi Bear" Carmichael? It's an honor sir, a real honor!
      Randy: Uhh thanks!

    • Didi: Looks like someone's finally taking the Peyton's place.
      Betty: Yeah, too bad nobody told them about the house being built on an ancient Indian burial ground.
      Didi: Oh, Betty, that's just a myth.
      Betty: Oh, yeah? Tell that to the Peytons.

    • Chazz: Hey, the Kiddie Carnival. Bob Jackson down the street bought on for his kid a couple of months ago.
      Stu: Yeah? How's he like it?
      Chazz: Well, last I heard, he was still trying to assemble the thing. Stopped eating, stopped sleeping, just spends all his time working on that toy. Looks good though. Lost a lot of weight.

    • Didi: Don't you remember your first box?
      Stu: Yeah, it was an old shoebox of my father's. I made it into a submarine. Then Drew stepped on it.

    • Stu: Don't say anything! I've tried everything, Deed. I'm a failure as a toy builder, a father, and a human being.

    • Moving Man: (Drops a box with the words fragile on the side of it) HEY ED, WHATS FR-GEEL-AY MEAN??

    • Randy: Say, Liz, you know that ancient Indian curse?
      Lucy: Mm-Hmm?
      Randy: (Referring to Stu) You don't think he's it, do you?
      Lucy: Randy!
      Randy: Just a thought.

    • Stu: Why don't we throw away the doormat and just lie face up on the floor with our tongues out?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Moving Man: (Drops a box with the words fragile on the side of it) HEY ED, WHATS FR-GEEL-AY MEAN??
      Possible reference to a quote from the movie A Christmas Story.

    • Didi mentions that the Carmichaels are moving in to the "Peyton's place". In fact, that was indirectly referenced to Peyton Place, a racy novel written by Grace Metalious which later became a 1957 film, which, in turn, became a successful nighttime drama on ABC from 1964 to 1969.

    • Stu: Their house is built on an ancient Indian burial ground!
      This could be a reference to The Amityville Horror Story. The Amityville house was built on an ancient indian burial ground, and thus horrible things happened in the house (such as Ronald DeFeo murdering his family, and the Lutz' moving in).