Season 3 Episode 15

Naked Tommy / Tommy And The Secret Club

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Jan 02, 1994 on Nickelodeon
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Naked Tommy:
Trying to be just like Spike, Tommy takes off his clothes, and entices the other Rugrats to do the same, while Stu finds a way to keep Tommy's clothes on.

Tommy And The Secret Club:
Angelica is forming a new club, and is running a contest to see who will become a member. The benefit: the member becomes Angelica's slave.moreless

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    Tony Jay

    Tony Jay

    Dr. Lipschitz/Wombat President

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      • Tommy: (Upon seeing Lil naked) Um, Lil, can I ask you a question?

      • Tommy: So I got to thinking, there are a lot of reasons why it's good to wear clothes, they keep you warm...
        Chuckie: Yeah, but Tommy...
        Tommy: They keep you clean...
        Chuckie: But Tommy...
        Tommy: Sometimes they even look nice!
        Chuckie: But...
        Tommy: I know Spike's nakie, I know Reptar's nakie, but we're not aminals and we gotta wear clothes! (Tommy jumps in the water of the bathtub while fully clothed)
        Chuckie: Well, whatever makes you happy!

      • Betty: What's goin' on here? Philly! Lilly! You're nudists!
        Didi: Betty! I'm surprised at you, they're just babies, Lipschitz says...
        Betty: I don't care about what that hippy Lipschitz says Deed, face it! The 60's are over and we lost! So just get with the program alright?! (Storms out)

      • Didi/Dr. Lipschitz Machine (About the Babies' Nudity): The spontaneous shedding of his or her clothing is a sign to test their environment and explore their personal space.

      • Lipschitz: Hello, this is Doctor Lipschitz...
        Didi: Why, hello Doctor Lipschitz! This is...
        Lipschitz: And thank you for calling the baby talk hotline...

      • Angelica: Phil?
        Lil: He's still kinda full from the milk.
        Angelica: No excuses! Say it!
        Phil: (Incoherent from too much milk) My name is... my name is... my NAME is... Ooooahh.. (Passes out)

      • Here we are!
        At Angelica's club!
        The secretest club!
        The secretest club!
        Here we a-a-are and it's really great to be - ee - ee -ee IN ANGELICA'S CLUB!

      • Chuckie: Look at me, I'm Chuckie Duckie!
        When I barf it's really yucky!
        When I... uhh... I forgotted the rest Angelica
        Angelica Ugh sit down, just, sit down...

      • Lil: My name is "Boogery Lil"
        I give all my boogers to Phil
        They're yellow and green, if you know what I mean
        and... and... and Angelica's the best!

      • Tommy: Silly me, my name is Tommy
        My diaper smells like old salami
        I have no hair, but I don't care
        Waah! I want my mommy!

      • Tommy: Nakie is fun! Nakie is free! Nakie is...nakie!

      • Betty: I don't know what kind of baby colony you're running, Deed, but it's time to face facts! The sixties are over and we lost, so get with the program, alright?

      • Phil: Did you get a new tooth?
        Tommy: No.
        Lil: Did you get a new haircut?
        Tommy: No.
        Phil: I know! You're buck naked!

      • Didi: (Seeing Stu with diaper on his head) Take that thing off your head. You're going to give Tommy ideas!

      • Angelica: If you don't ask for the password, anyone could just waltz right in here, Count Draculator, Sandman Husseiney, or even Chuckie! No one like that came in here while I was gone, did they? DID THEY?!?

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