Season 3 Episode 26


Aired Daily 2:00 PM Apr 13, 1995 on Nickelodeon
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After arguing with Minka over his spotted glasses, Boris runs away. Later, after feeling bad, he decides to get Minka's glasses, only to be trapped in the attic by Angelica, Tommy & Chuckie. Each family member finds him, as well as end up being locked in the attic (it locks from the outside). While in the attic, Boris tells the story on how Passover was established. Angelica, imagining the story as it unfolds, picture herself as the Pharaoh, Tommy as Moses, and the babies as Hebrew slaves.


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  • perfect

    Boris and Minka have a fight and Boris runs away. Angelica, Tommy and Chuckie find him in the attic, because the door won't open from inside the attic, so to pass the time, Boris tells them the story of Passover, and Angelica imagines herself as the Pharaoh, Tommy as Moses, and the rest of the babies as slaves. Eventually, the rest of the adults (who were staying over to do Passover type things) find Boris and the kids, but the door blows shut, all are trapped, so Boris passes the time by telling another story.

    Good episode. I Rewatched it for the first time in a while last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. There's not one dull moment, and the recurring gag of someone saying Boris' name and Minka going "Boris?!" and cries was funny, and not over-done, as running gags in episodes sometimes are. Good episode. A+ definitelymoreless
  • The Rugrats celebrate Passover at Tommy's Grandparents house.

    The Rugrats and their parents are heading to Grandpa Boris and Mika house to celebrate Passover.However Grandpa Boris and Miaka had an arguement before they came.Whem Boris was missing from the dinner.Stu had to perform the prayer.Tommy,Chuckie,and Angelica explore around and find Boris locked in the attic.Which got themselves locked in the attic as well.So Boris begin to tell about Moses and how he free the slaves from slavery.The Rugrats protray this story liked Tommy as Moses and Angelica as Paraoh.The rest is the slaves.

    So it turns out that Didi is part jewish and Stu is christian.I guess Tommy celebrate both passover and christmas.moreless
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Michael Bell


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Goof: When Tommy, as Moses, greets Phil and Lil in the story he puts his hands on his waist. If you look carefully you can see his hand is backwards.

    • Hebrew is written Right to Left.

    • Goof: At the end, the book flips forward through all the pages as the background goes black. Is it just me or would 'the end' appear at the end of the book? Not at the beginning? And if that is the end of the book, the text would be backwards, or the book is similar a Japanese manga (with a manga, the normal beginning of a book is the ending).

    • Goof: During the Passover episode Boris is locked in the attic. Each time someone else enters the attic look at the door. The door is different in almost each shot. Sometimes it has a door knob, sometimes not. Sometimes there is a plate around the knob, and in the next shot, it is gone.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Moses: If you don't let my babies go right now, something really bad's gonna happen!
      Pharaoh: Go ahead; make my day!

    • Chuckie: This place is really scary, Tommy.
      Tommy: Don't worry, Chuckie; it's all in your mind.
      Chuckie: Well, my mind is a pretty scary place.

    • Minka: Why do we have to do things your way, Mr. Big Shot?
      Boris: Because my way is right, that's why!
      Minka: Vey!
      Boris: If you do the Seder your way, then I'll wash my hands in the whole thing!
      Minka: It'll be better to wash your father's glassware!

    • Stu: Are you sure this ceremony's really necessary? I think it's boring.
      Didi: Passover isn't boring; it's a meaningful holiday.
      Stu: If it's meaningful, why aren't there any presents?

    • Charlotte: (After being locked in the attic) I wonder if there's a fax machine here!

  • NOTES (5)

    • Peter Gaffney, Paul Germain, Jon Greenberg and Rachel Lipman were nominated for the 1995 Annie Award for "Best Individual Achievement for Writing in the Field of Animation" for this episode.

    • The three original Nicktoons that aired on August 11, 1991 each had their own series revival, following their respective series cancellations (Doug in 1996; Rugrats in 1997; Ren and Stimpy in 2003).

    • This episode is the last episode where Dana Hill plays a bit part in the show. One year later, in 1996, she died of a diabetic stroke that affected her growth.

    • This is the last of the original 65 episodes.

    • When Boris mentions the Ten Plagues, he says as the tenth plague "All first-born people are taken away".
      In real life, "All first-born people are DEAD".
      From 1995 to 2000, Nick was antsy about its target audience (ages 2-11) and started being squeamish about the content of shows.
      For instance, in Rocko's Modern Life, Chokey Chicken became Chewy Chicken.
      The most notorious of the rules is: never say the word "dead", "died", etc.
      Instead, Nick pulls a "dead parrot" (where they say things other than "dead).
      For instance, in Spongebob, in "Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost", when Spongebob thinks they killed Squidward, he said "Oh No! Squidward's... filling up daisies!" (although Patrick said "dead" afterward). KaBlam! ignored this rule, with characters saying the word "dead" in many episodes (however it was for a slightly older audience than most of the Nicktoons, being 7+ than 2-11).
      In 2001, as they are also trying to appeal to older audiences, too, they had lighted down on their constraints.