Season 3 Episode 14

Princess Angelica / The Odd Couple

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Dec 26, 1993 on Nickelodeon



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    • Anjelica: (to Cynthia about her parents) Miss 'em? Why would I miss them, what did they ever do for me? (sadly) Except give me cookies and read me bedtime stories... and kiss me goodnight and... oh, Cynthia! What am I thinking?!

    • (Tommy gives Chuckie his dad's keys to hide and he leaves the room)
      Tommy: (running over to Phil and Lil) Phil! Lil! You were right! Chuckie is driving me crazy, the toys are supposed to go like this, the tinker blocks are supposed to go like that! And if I have to watch Space Trek Babies one more time, I'm gonna quack!
      Phil and Lil: We told you so!

    • (Tommy changes the channel on the TV) Chuckie: Hey! What are you doing? Space Trek Babies is my favorite show! Tommy: Oh I was just changing the channel, in my house we always watch Reptar.

    • Chuckie: My house, my house, my house! Well let me tell you something Tommy this isn't my house, this is MY house and sometimes when you're in MY house you gotta do some things MY way!

    • Drew: If we keep giving into whatever she wants, she's going to start to think she really is a princess!
      Angelica: (Overhearing) A real princess?!

    • Phil: If you guys live together, you're gonna start fighting all the time.
      Tommy: Come on, guys. Me and Chuckie are bestest friends.
      Phil: Sure. Now.
      Lil: But soon you'll start to bug each other.
      Phil: First it's just little things, like forgetting to share a toy.
      Lil: But it'll get worse. Everything they do'll bug ya!
      Phil: The way they drink their milk.
      Lil: Where they roll a ball.
      Phil: Where she wears her ribbon in her hair.
      Lil: The way he has a stupid ugly duck on his shirt!
      Phil: The way her shoes are never tied!
      Lil: The way his diaper smells like poop!
      Tommy: Guys! Where do you get these crazy ideas?
      Chuckie: Yeah. You two live together without any problems.
      (Phil and Lil just sigh)

    • Chuckie: The police car is in the fire station; the fire truck's at the airport; the airplane's on top of the restaurant; people are hanging out of windows; buildings are moved, and you've completely taken apart city hall!

    • Chuckie: A clean room is a happy room.

    • Angelica: Daddy? Can I ask you a favor?
      Drew: Anything you want princess
      Angelica: Don't call me "princess".

    • Angelica: Sir Phil, Eater of Earthworms;
      Lady Lil, Loudest Screamer In The Land;
      Sir Charles, Fraidy Cat Extrordinaire;
      and Sir Thomas, The Bravest Baby Of Them All.

    • Charlotte: In order to survive in the male-dominated world, Angelica has to eat, sleep, breathe, and sweat self-esteem.

    • Tommy: Hey, Chuckie?
      Chuckie: What, Tommy,what? I'm trying to sleep.
      Tommy: I was just thinking about green jello. How do they do it?
      Chuckie: Do what?
      Tommy: Make it green?
      Chuckie: I don't know, Tommy. Just go to sleep. (They do; pause; Chuckie suddenly wakes up wide eyed) How do they make it green?

    • Lil: I can feel it when Phil pees through a lot of blankets. Does that make me a princess?
      Angelica: No, that just makes you both disgusting!

    • Tommy: Where do you get these crazy ideas?

  • Notes

    • The title of this episode, and the related situation, is based on The Odd Couple, which started in the mid-1960's as Neil Simon's famous Broadway play, then was seen as a motion picture starring Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon in 1967. It was followed by a successful ABC television series (1970-1975) that starred Tony Randall and Jack Klugman (later reprised in a series of Eagle Snacks commercials. An unsuccessful Black version was seen on ABC during the 1982-1983(?) season, which starred Ron Glass (a cop on Barney Miller & Randy Carmichael on Rugrats) and Demond Wilson (Lamont Sanford on Sanford and Son). Later, there was yet another version featuring women in the title roles (don't know if this was a TV movie or played on stage). The latest, currently touring the US, stars Jamie Farr and William Christopher, both former regulars on the hit TV series, M*A*S*H (CBS, 1972-1983).

    • Also note the "Pelvis" stamps in this episode, that Phil and Lil are putting on each other (so they can be shipped to China). These stamps look very similar to those famous stamps featuring "The King Of Rock & Roll", Elvis Presley. In 1993, the U.S. Postal Service invited the public to vote on what kind of Elvis is more appropriate, the old Elvis (in the days of his appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show (1950's)), or the new Elvis (the "Vegas" period, since his 1968 "comeback")). America has chosen the old design, the one that Phil and Lil were sticking on each other.

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