Season 1 Episode 8

Real Or Robots / Special Delivery

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Dec 01, 1991 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Real or Robots:

After seeing a horror movie, Tommy and Chuckie wonder if the parents are grown-ups are really robots in disguise. In search of finding this out, they go into Stu and Didi's room while their asleep and see if Stu a robot by twisting his bolts(nipples) with a toy wrench. After screaming and waking up, Stu locks the crib up tight. This time after getting out Stu begins sleep walking into the kitchen. The babies follow him and after Stu cracks eggs on the floor, he hears them and chases them around in the manner of robot walking. After collapsing on the chair. Didi wakes Stu up and the babies get back into their cribs before the parents come in.

Special Delivery:

While Stu works on a wets her self doll "Patty Pants", the mail comes including an Eggbert toy catalogue which includes a "Tina Trousers" doll made by his competitors. After saying he's ruined, Didi suggests ordering the doll to inspect it. Tommy then tells the rest of the babies and they argue wher ebabies come from. The next day the mailman arrives and while Stu argues with over his having to pick up the doll, Tommy sneaks into the mailbag. At the post office, Tommy travels throught the mail room, through mail sorting machines, barely escapes getting trapped in the dead letter office, then lands right next to the Tina Trousers box. After Stu picks it up an takes it home. Grandpa takes out tommy thinking its the doll and comments that the doll looks a lot like Tommy, then realise its Tommy alright.