Season 2 Episode 10

Reptar On Ice / Family Feud

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Nov 08, 1992 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • When the park scene first opens you see that the sign says Friendship Park followed by a list of prohibited items including Alchohol, Skateboarding, Bicycles, and Barbecues (misspelled "Barbaque"). Later, as Stu, Didi, Chaz, Tommy, and Chuckie approach the spot where Betty, Howard, Phil, and Lil are, you see another sign that lists more prohibitions, but are hard to read. They become easier to see and appear to read "NO DOGS / NO PICNICS / NO TUNES / NO NUTHIN'"

    • Goof: In the episode "Family Feud" Howards shirt pocket changes size throughout the episode.

    • Goof: On the episode "Reptar On Ice" when the babies are in the playpen Phil's shoes disappear, so he is barefoot, and then reappear.

    • Goof: Throughout this episode, Betty wears sweatpants, as she usually does. However, when Stu and Didi found her and Howard sitting on a bench at the park, she was wearing shorts. From when she stands up to continue arguing to the end of the episode, Betty was wearing sweatpants again.

  • Quotes

    • Chaz : It's not important who started it, as who's mature enough to stop it?
      Stu : Right, Chaz. Why don't you go check out a few more of those Mr. Rogers reruns?

    • Didi: (Answering the phone) Hello.
      Betty (After Tommy tried to phone her only for Didi (unknowingly) to hang the phone up) Real mature Didi. Aren't we getting a little old for prank phone calls!?
      Didi: What (Betty hangs the phone up) Ooh that woman makes me so angry!

    • (The parents are still arguing).
      Stu: (To Howard) What about the time you borrowed my golf clubs and bent my putter?
      (Chaz notices the kids are gone).
      Didi: (To Betty) And another thing, Betty--don't forget the time you were supposed to take the kids to--
      Chaz: Hey, the kids! Where are the kids?
      (The parents bicker again, this time, about losing the kids).
      Chaz: (Getting their attention) Look at you! Don't you see what you've done?! While you were insulting each other and bringing up every petty difference from your past, you've forgotten about your children, the most important thing in your insignificant lives! You ought to be ashamed!
      (The parents are ashamed because of it).
      Howard: Charles is right. Our behavior's been absolutely disgusting. I'm a failure and I've let everybody down while I should be--
      Betty: Yeah, yeah. Whine later, ya' little man. We gotta find the kids!
      (The parents begin their search).

    • Didi: Well tell her (Betty) I want my Sampler pack back.
      Chaz: (Sighing) At least I'm getting plenty of exercise...

    • Lou: Say, Stu doesn't that look like Tommy out there?
      Stu: (Waking up) Wha? Tommy? Tommy! Didi! The kids are out on the ice!
      Didi: Oh, my goodness! What are they doing out there?
      Lou: (Flipping through the program guide) It isn't in the program, that's for sure!

    • Stu: I'd be willing to put the whole thing aside if they can do just one thing for me...
      Chaz: (Hopefully) What's that?
      Stu: Erect a 20 foot billboard on their front lawn that says "Home of the Fatheads"

    • Stu: And I'm sorry I called you a fat head.
      Howie: (After a moment pause) Wait... you called me a Fat Head?

    • (Stu growls)
      Howard: A lizard? Uh...
      (Stu howls like a wolf)
      Howard: Oh, a wolf.
      Stu: YES!!
      Didi: Stu, that's cheating!
      Betty: Oh, relax, Deed. They'll never make it.
      (Stu dances with himself)
      Chuckie: Now he's dancing with himself.
      Tommy: I don't get it.
      Howard: Wolf Trap. Skip to My Wolf. Stepping on Wolves. Aha! Steppenwolf!
      Betty: TIME! It's Dances With Wolves!
      Howard: Oh. I never saw that movie.

    • Leo: I don't even know why I took this job. I can't skate. I don't like kids. And if you want to know the real reason, lizards give me the creeps. And that goes for your amphibians, too.

    • Leo: (As he slips on his Reptar costume) The real Reptar would never have a romantic entanglement with a girl reporter!
      Boss: The real Reptar? Leo, you been playin' this part too long.
      Leo: Finally something we can agree on.

    • Reptar: (Singing) Hey look!
      There's some kids!
      On the ice!
      What's a dinosaur to do!
      When there's kids on the ice!
      Quick! Somebody call their MOMS!

  • Notes

    • The songs and music used for the "Reptar On Ice" stage show is written by Mark Mothersbaugh (music) and Gaffney (words). The "soundtrack" can be found on the In Search Of The Mighty Reptar cassette & CD from Rhino Records.

  • Allusions

    • Dances with Wolves the charades clue Howard missed was based on the 1990 film starring Kevin Costner as a Civil War lieutenant out in a desolate post, his chasing a wolf off his property running back and forth led the local Indian tribe to believe he was 'dancing' with the wolf, eventually giving it to him as an honorary tribal name.

    • Title: Family Feud
      Also the name of a gameshow.