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  • I miss this show

    Rugrats was a show that I grew up with. I may have watched it from as young as 2, and my family had all the VHS tapes of it. I just grew a love for this show because I began watching it from a young age. It was an amazing show, and it deserved to go on as long as it did.. Now that I think back to the times when i was just a toddler enjoying this show, I'll say that I really miss this show a lot. It's (in my opinion) the greatest Nickelodeon show of all time and since I don't have the VHS tapes anymore (they would've been outdated anyway) I want to find some way to watch all seasons again. They really need to show reruns on Nickelodeon.
  • Great series!!

    Best Nickelodeon show ever!!
  • The nostalgia, it burns!

    I remember seeing this when German TV used to air shows like this. Funny enough I did not know that Tara Strong was in the show too. Some Rugrats movies followed, but sadly they did not do well. Go Watch this if you love old school animation.
  • Rugrats is the best show I have ever seen I like seasons 5-9

    I love Rugrats so much that I wish the reruns return on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons
  • Good `ol cartoon in Nicks prime

    Really a good 90`s cartoon to watch. It has a lot of funny refrences and moments and I think that it was one of Nicks best cartoons before it ended and Nick started going downhill.
  • Top Shows - Age of 90s Nick Cartoons - Pretty much what got me into TV

    Most to all ep (94-13)
  • Oh how this affected cartoon history.

    This was probably one of Nickelodeon top grossing popular shows of all time. Nick made so much popularity off of this show, it was a hit! Its nostalgic, its a history changing cartoon and one that will never be forgotten.
  • Probably the best show from the 90's

    So it's basically about a group of babies that go on adventures. Rugrats has been around for 22 years and was a huge sucsses for Nickelodeon. I kinda think it went downhill when they added Kimi to the series, it's cancellation was actually pretty necessary, but it is still a pretty enjoyable cartoon.

    Good stuff:

    Good show for Nickelodeon.

    Very unique character art and design.

    Original plot.

    Good setting and premise.

    Bad stuff:

    The 2003-present episodes are weak compared to the 1991-2002 episodes.

    All Grown Up wasn't really necessary.

    The only thing I didn't like was the disgusting moments and potty humor.

    Can't be seen on TV anymore.

    Anways yeah , Rugrats is a cool, entertaining Nick classic, go check it out if you love watching cartoons.

  • Overrated

    Crammed with potty humor (especially in the later seasons), unnecessary addition of lame, forgettable characters (Dil, the Watanabes, Taffy) and overwhelmingly repetitive plots (seriously, how many times do we have to watch these babies "imagine an adventure" or completely fuck up a supermarket or some shit?). The earlier seasons were by far the best of the series and it only went downhill from there.

    It was cool when I was little and I still watch it some time for the nostalgia, but I usually can't get past 10 minutes of an episode. Talk about BORING!
  • Good but went down the drain after Season 3, and bad episodes until its cancellation in 2004.

    Rugrats was excellent. Amazing episodes throughout Seasons 1-3, Season 4 however was a minor slump, but then Season 5 aired, and the minor slump became a huge slump. Then Season 6 nearly made me quit Rugrats, and Season 7 was a little improvement, and I still disliked it, and Seasons 8 and 9 are horrible, glad it ended. 2004 was the beginning of the downfall for Nickelodeon, 2005 was even worse, and eventually in 2008 even Spongebob went downhill. Please do not watch Nickelodeon! And do not watch any episodes after Season 3 and the movie. However I do recommend Season 4 a bit but not a lot. And avoid some of Season 4 and the rest.
  • I liked this show, but I now enjoy All Grown Up!

    I'm slowly getting out of Rugrats. Maybe because All Grown Up is more my age, I'm sure some will agree. Rugrats was my favourite show for ages, now joint with All Grown Up. I much enjoy watching All Grown Up on the internet more than Rugrats on TV though, as Rugrats comes on so much now.
  • For Little Kids Only

    I don't understand how there are teenagers and adults who enjoy this show. The Rugrats is just basically a show filled with bathroom humor that only children will feel is amazing. Especially in the later episodes, and in the Tales from the Crib specials. The jokes are stupid, the musical score sounds like a kid's compilation of nursery rhymes, and the toddler characters are annoying, especially Angelica (the original cartoon brat similar to XJ9 from MLAATR and Candace from Phineas and Ferb), and Phil and Lil (the twins). This show really should've been on Nick Jr, not Nickelodeon. I enjoy Rocko's Modern Life & Ren and Stimpy more.
  • my sister loved this show and she still does

    my sister loved this cartoon as a kid. Her favorite character was Angelica. she was the meanest. she said this show brought back childhood memories and she's right. It does bring back a lot of memories.
  • One of the best Nickelodeon cartoons.

  • cool!


  • Rugrats was nick's best show! :D

    I used to watch Rugrats when I was younger. I really enjoyed the show and watched it almost every day. After Rugrats finished and all grown up started I lost interest in the show. I also used to play the Rugrats games for my play station one. My favourite character is Tommy Pickles he is the fearless leader and a great friend to Chuckie. The movies that were made were also pretty good and I bought the videos for them! My favourite episode is when there locked inside the toy store as it is funny and no matter how many times you watch it you can watch it again.
  • My childhood right here

    I've been watching this show since as far back as I can remember, which was 1999. It was a great show. I still kinda like it.
  • 1st review! Childhood Happiness.

    This is my first review and I wanted it to be on the show that meant a lot to me as a child. Rugrats is a show that follows the adventures of a group of babies through their point of view on the world. This was one of Nick's best shows and probably my favorite Nick show.
  • Best nickeloden show ever!

    /\ Nuff said! /\ I I I I /\ /\ /\ /\
  • One of my favorite cartoons of my childhood.

    GREAT!! But started getting too much with all the movies etc.
  • Great show prevents staying on air

    I love this show alot but it makes me sad that i dont get to watch it much but this is one of my favorite show.
  • 14 years.......OF THIS TRASH!?

    Where to start............people in the 90's must have either REALLY BAD taste in cartoons or there was nothing better on TV (which is NOT true). A show about talking babies, cute........until they start talking! I mean come on, a group of babies that go on these crazy and often dangerous "adventures" and the adults are all too stupid to even have a clue of what is going on? No, it just doesn't happen. If Tommy is so smart and resourceful why doesn't he just go to military school? And Chucky......... he needed help. But not as much as Phil and Lil, if these two were real, they would have died for all the unsanitary things they did. And Angelica...... she was not only the meanest cartoon ever (who can hate babies, for no reason!?) but she needed a good spanking as well, but of course she never got one (and unfortunately there are people like that in the real world). And Suzie, the obligatory black girl, needed more air time. When I was young I just cringed when I heard the theme song, now I have "All grown up" to cringe to. This show had it lucky, 14 years of THIS?!
  • I Loved it when I Was Little!

    I loved it when I was like 5 or 4. It was maybe my fave show! I thought all the babies were cute! I still kinda like it and I'm like way older now.

    How cute there are talking toddlers/ babies! LOVE IT!When I found out they canceled it, it made me pretty sad because it was a pretty good show from the 90's threw early 2000's. It was creative when it came to cute talking babies, some pretty good jokes and such.

    As I'm writing this I am watching the rugrats in paris so it made me thing of this.

    My least fave character is Angelica. What a brat! >:-P but she makes it a little bit better of a show. I love i still!
  • This was probably my first Nick show and my childhood.

    Rugrats was one of the first Nick shows I ever saw as a little kid, if Nick jr. doesn't count. I loved watching the babies on their adventures. This show was one of my faves on Nick as a little kid next to Doug and KaBlam!, among others.

    The show is very creative. Talking babies? I never saw that one before. They added in bathroom jokes for the little kids, sly in-jokes for the older kids (watch the episode "Naked Tommy", it's ripe full of these), and pop culture references for the adults. The parents of the kids were funny as well. I've been watching the show for this long, and I STILL don't know what my favorite episode is.

    The Rugrats Movie (1998) was a really good movie. I remember getting really excited when the previews came on TV. I didn't see it at the movies (my mom thought I was too young to go to the movies (I was two)), but we got the video as soon as it came out. I did see Rugrats in Paris (2000) in the theaters, and while not as good as the original movie, it still brought a tear to my eye when you learn more about Chuckie's mom. We got the video as soon as it came out. We missed Rugrats Go Wild (2003) in the theaters, but we got the DVD as soon as it came out.

    To me, Rugrats wasn't as good once Kimi entered the show. It was dumbed down and made incredibly little kiddish, which I hated. All Grown Up, their spin-off, was terrible.

    10/10. This isn't a Nicktoon. This is THE Nicktoon.
  • I loved this show.

    Rugrats was one of my favorite cartoons when I was younger. I used to watch it everyday. Rugrats was such a fun and cute show. It is a shame that it is not on anymore. Rugrats is a cartoon about some babies and how they see everything in the world. I liked the Rugrats movies they had too. My favorite character is Tommy and my least favorite is Angelica. Chuckie got a little annoying sometimes too. I wish they still aired this show, it is much better than some of the cartoons that air on Nickleodeon now. Rugrats is a classic.
  • A decent show that went on way past it's prime.

    Ah, I used to love this show as a kid, though now I can't help but realise it had stayed on air for too long. "The Rugrats Movie" was okay but the character of Dill was unneeded and served to be an annoyance. "Rugrats in Paris" was an improvement over "The Rugrats Movie" and is a great family film but the characters of Kimi and Kira were much unneeded. The fact that Chuckie's dad is now no longer single basically kills what was once interesting about his character. So yes, as soon as Dill was introduced the show did start to go downhill, though they made the right choice by eventually ending it. Unfortunately they made a spin off show called "All Grown Up". It was awful.
  • number one fun

    THE RUGRATS, is one of OUR favorite show ever, since my son was born he became addicted to rugrats with out me knowing how much he likes it , this is a really thrue story.since 1994 the whole family like he show and until now , he is a disablechild and watching his favorite colleccion of rugrats movies is what makes him happy every day.Every day at any time .i believe he is the number onerugrats fun for 18 years, Betito Lopez from long beach california.
  • A pretty good show!

    Rugrats is one of Nickelodeon's great classics! Why? Well this show is a very unique cartoon for young audiences, and CAN entertain older audiences too. It's sometimes funny with it's goofy jokes and the animation is good! The show is about a group of babies who go on their baby adventures but the main character's cousin, Angelica, tries to ruin their fun most of the time! I love how the babies I guess speak in their own language because the adults in this show doesn't understand a thing they say, that's genius! The movies were good too. New characters came along and the show didn't really change at all after that. Mine and many others favorite episode is their 10 anniversary episode, "All Growned Up"!...I only recommend this show to young audience! I can only see adults and teens liking the show cuz well they used to watch it as a young kid. Or maybe they find the show entertaining. Although the show is good. A great classic everyone knows.
  • Best cartoon ever made on Nickelodeon ever.

    My 34th review after: "Clifford's Puppy days".

    This cartoon is beyond awesome and classic, back in 1991. It's about babies that can talk while the grown-ups are not around. Talk about Awesome, Literaly! But then in 1998 when the first movie came out, they had to introduce that annoying baby dil, Which made him pointless, and he was almost worser then Scrappy Doo! Ugh!!!! in 1999, Another movie came out called: "Rugrats in Paris". Which had another pointless chracther, Kimi, and in the 2000's yet, another pointless came known as: Harold. This cartoon went to heck after that happened. The Old school rugrats from 1991-1998 were the best. Now for the Grade! how about an A-? Now the results:

    Voice-acting: A+ 9.3/10.0 Great Voice-acting. Most have been the voice-acting cartoon on Nick.

    Animation: C 6.0/10.0 The old ones, were ugly and Pukish while the 1998's were decent.

    Graphics: C 6.0/10.0 Along matches with the Animation.

    Sound: D 4.0/10.0 Corny Music with Too many Drum-roll music. Terrible and Funny to watch this while you are in School.

    Dialouge: E- 3.5/10.0 "Hold on to your Diapies babies!" What the Flip? Diapies is not even a word! The Babies are Awful at talking!

    Lasting Appeal: A++ 10.0/10.0 This cartoon is very fun to watch while at last the old school rugrats from 1991-1998.

    Overall: A- 8.8/10.0 Ah yes, This show is an Instant Classic on Nick. It lasted 14 years and it was indeed the longest running cartoon ever on Nick. You better watch this. It's a Classic!
  • The Rugrats as Rugrats...

    Angelica was EEEEEEEEvil. But her character was very well played. And of course, Tommy was the cutest, adventurous baby on the block! Chuckie was so dorky he made me laugh. I always yelled at the screen because Angelica jerked my emotions. This show will make you laugh for sure! Great cartoons, well written, as real laugh-maker... and this show has a lot to offer to kid viewers!
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