Rugrats - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • 5/9/93
    Tooth Or Dare:
    When Susie tells Angelica about the tooth fairy giving you money Angelica decides to take Chuckie's teeth and make money at the same time.

    Party Animals:
    Grandpa Lou tells the rugrats about Aladdin and his magic lamp, so Angelica and the other rugrats make a wish on a real lamp. When it doesn't work Angelica falls asleep but the babies stay awake for the grown ups costume party where they think that all their wishes came true. By the time they tell Angelica the party's over and she doesn't believe the babies.moreless
  • Driving Miss Angelica:
    After being saved by Angelica, Chuckie has to be Angelica's slave for life but when he saves her things go the other way around.

    Susie Vs. Angelica:
    Susie impress the babies when she stands up to Angelica for them, but to get back at her Angelica says that she can do anything better than Susie can. They have all these competitions and after being tied they decide that everyone is the best at something sometimes.moreless
  • 4/11/93
    Game Show Didi:
    Being a game show contestant on "Super Stumper's" (taped at KLPO's TV studios), Didi spins her "Wheel Of Fortune" and "Presses Her Luck" in order to beat Eugene Haynes, a self-proclaimed genius from Philadelphia, who would go as far as the "Pyramids" to win. Meanwhile, looking for Didi's "place in the sun", the Rugrats wander around the station, putting the studio in "Jeopardy!" Will they "Face The Music"? Will Didi keep her "Concentration"? "The Joker's Wild" as Didi's "place in the sun" can be hers, if "The Price Is Right".

    Toys In The Attic:
    Didi, Stu, Drew, and Charlotte go on a week long vacation and leave Angelica and Tommy at Minka and Boris's house. Tommy and Angelica think it's boring so they look for toys, ending up finding Didi's old toys.moreless
  • 4/4/93
    King Ten Pin: Grandpa is determined to beat Billy "Strike" Maxwell, his long-time challenger who insures his victory by having the game rigged. The Rugrats, looking for the "chocolate chip" (championship) and the "big candy dish" (bowling trophies), inadvertently exposed the fraud. Runaway Angelica: Angelica is Mad at Drew for punishing her for messing up his den. Angelica is so mad that she runs away from home and goes to live in Spike's Doghouse in Tommy's backyard.moreless
  • 3/28/93
    The Slide:
    After Chuckie mistakenly goes down the "big-kids slide" at a Chuck E. Cheese-type place, he is afraid of all slides, and Angelica & Suzie bet on whether he will go down another slide.

    The Big Flush:
    The Pickles & De Villes go to an indoor swimming pool, and the babies, convinced that it's a giant toilet, try to flush it by jumping on the diving board; and Stu must face his fear of the High Dive to save the babies.moreless
  • 3/21/93
    Feeding Hubert:
    The Babies all here the same Noise Every Night every week. They find out it's a garbage truck, and they try to feed him Stuff. The babies find the garage is messy, and they let all the stuff out, leaving a mess of recycling.

    Spike The Wonder Dog:
    The Babies see a Oodles The Talking Poodle commercial with a talking dog. They think Spike will be able to talk, but he can't. Angelica puts a microphone in his collar, and sounds like Spike is Talking, but he's not.moreless
  • The Seven Voyages Of Cynthia:
    While Stu and Drew are cleaning Drew's boat, Chuckie and Tommy shanghaied Cynthia so she could be captain; however, when she got lost in the sewer system, it broke Angelica's heart. She did get her back, but not without sailing miles and miles in the sewers and taking a bath in toxic waste. Meanwhile, after being chased away by Angelica, Spike hitches a ride in a garbage truck to the city dump, which doubles as a "scenic overlook".

    My Friend Barney:
    Chuckie introduces his imaginary friend, Barney (who looks just like Chuckie, according to Chuckie), to the other Rugrats, but becomes concerned when Barney "oversteps his authority". Meanwhile, Didi runs with Betty in the "Save The Grunion" 10K marathon, paying a little "price" at its end.moreless
  • 2/7/93
    Down The Drain:
    After his toy disappears down the bathtub drain, Tommy worries that he'll get sucked down the drain, too. After Angelica assures Tommy and Chuckie that yes, babies can and do get sucked down the drain, the boys do everything they can think of to avoid taking a bath.

    Let Them Eat Cake:
    Didi's half brother, Ben, gets married. All Tommy and Chuckie can think about is the fact that they'll get cake after the ceremony. Things take a turn for the worst, though, when Elaine, Ben's bride, gets cold feet and disappears. In the end Tommy and Chuckie, on their search for the wedding cake, are the ones that find her.moreless
  • 1/10/93
    Meet The Carmichaels:
    New neighbors the Carmichael's come to town and the Pickles help them get settled in. There Tommy meets all the kids: Alisa, Buster, Edwin, and Susie Carmichael. Susie tells Tommy all about her great room, but she can't find it so Tommy and Susie search all around Susie's new house for her brand new room.

    The Box:
    Stu throws the box from what they just got, and all the rugrats imagined what they could do with the box. Racing, Astronaut, Anything. So, what will they do?moreless
  • Rebel Without A Teddy Bear Tommy loses his stuffed lion, but when it gets dirty Didi decides to clean it. Then Tommy gets mad and decides to act mean just like Angelica. Angelica The Magnificent: Angelica gets a magic wand and causes havoc all around.
  • Chuckie Loses His Glasses: Angelica plays a hide and seek game with the babies, but its all a plan to steal Chuckie's glasses. Chuckie Gets Skunked: The adults are trying to catch a skunk and Tommy and Chuckie join the hunt and Chuckie ends up being skunked. The babies and grown ups try everything to get rid of the smell.moreless
  • Visitors From Outer Space:
    After hearing Grandpa rant and rave about the possibility of aliens abducting humans, Tommy falls asleep and has a dream where aliens similar to Stu, Lou, and Didi kidnap the Rugrats. The aliens believe all humans are "beings of inferior intelligence" and therefore cannot communicate in any way, shape, or form, but they are in for a big surprise when Angelica speaks, and then steals Stuvon's (alien Stu) planet exploder, freeing the babies. Now they all have to find a way to get out.
    The Case Of The Missing Rugrat:
    Grandpa comes out of the supermarket with Tommy. Grandpa puts Tommy in a car for a moment and when he leaves the car has vanished with Tommy in it. Two Women took Tommy as a son and Grandpa tries to take him back.moreless
  • 12/6/92
    After Angelica finds out that Santa Claus is a fake she decides to take away Phil and Lil's presents. Meanwhile Tommy tries to convince Chuckie that Santa Claus isn't a scary man. The adults take them all for a trip in the mountains for Christmas and there is where the Christmas spirit strikes Angelica and she decides to give Phil and Lil back their presents so she won't get coal for Christmas. Chaz decides to dress up as Santa and when Chuckie sees him he loses his fear of Santa Claus.moreless
  • A Visit From Lipschitz: While Didi and Stu go out the famous Dr. Lipschitz babysits Tommy and Chuckie. What The Big People Do: After Angelica gets Tommy and Chuckie in trouble they decide to be grown up, so Chuckie has a dream about it, but Angelica the boss ruins that too, so Tommy and Chuckie decide that it might be better to be babies.moreless
  • 11/22/92
    Aunt Miriam:
    Aunt Miriam and Lou were not nice to each other. They always did and acted like Angelica and Tommy do today. Tommy and Chuckie go in the bathroom and find a hairdryer, a radio, and a wig. They think she's an alien and investigate.

    The Inside Story:
    Chuckie accidentally swallows a watermelon seed. The babies all pretend to go inside him, and find it. Angelica wants to grow it so Chuckie will explode and "die". Tommy stops her and they get the seed, but at the end, Spike eats it.moreless
  • 11/15/92
    Superhero Chuckie: Captain Blasto, ( Which Was Around Since The 1950s), is Stu and Drew's favorite. They take the babies to a live shooting of an episode and Chuckie wants to be a superhero. His First Order of Business, take Angelica Out!

    The Dog Broomer:
    Didi thinks that Spike Needs a bath. She calls the Best Dog Groomer. Tommy and Chuckie think the Dog Groomer is trying to hurt Spike, so they try to keep him from getting washed.moreless
  • 11/8/92
    Reptar On Ice:
    Bored at home the grown ups decide to take the rugrats to see "Reptar On Ice", but when they find Reptar's baby the rugrats decide to be part of the act.

    Family Feud:
    After Tommy, Phil and Lil's parents get in a big fight Chuckie's dad tries to make them the best of friends again. If he fails Tommy and Chuckie will never see Phil and Lil again!moreless
  • No Bones About It:
    Tommy and The babies want to bring Spike to the museum with them, but can't. So, the babies go off when Grandpa talks to the ladies to look for a present for Spike, and they get in trouble with security chief Sally Payson.

    Beach Blanket Babies:
    All The Rugrats go to the beach and Chuckie brings the sea monkeys from his house. Chuckie and Tommy can't lift the cooler. So, they wait for the cooler to be empty and then bring it back and throw it in.moreless
  • 10/25/92
    Family Reunion:
    While Grandpa goes on to Chicago because he missed his train stop (likely on purpose), the Pickles stop in (fictional) Willoughby, Iowa to attend their family reunion, hosted by Hugh Pickles and his wife, Dotti. Angelica tells Tommy and the other kids that reunions are swap meets for kids, with the kids being swapped. Her lie ended up backfiring on her, however, when a couple other farming relatives, Mackie & Edie, like a kid like Angelica, though changed to meet THEIR needs.

    Grandpa's Date:
    After 40 years, Grandpa's long, lost love, Morgana, pays a visit. Morgana broke up with Grandpa over his affair with another woman named Trixie McGee, but never knew the real story. Also, Grandpa doesn't want her to know that he's a grandfather, so he rushed Tommy & Chuckie to bed. In any case, everyone had to contend with Stu's new remote-controlled couch, which is more like a mechanical bull for 2.moreless
  • 10/18/92
    Let There Be Light:
    When Stu creates a blackout all over town every light goes out. Chuckie says that now it's dark every scary monster will come out, but Tommy says that he knows where there's extra light: the refrigerator. The rugrats have an adventure, and by the time they go to the refrigerator the power comes back on.

    The Bank Trick:
    Didi needs to go to the bank to run her errands. So in the meanwhile Tommy and Chuckie raid the bank looking for M&M's. Instead they cause havok and help the police catch two notorious criminals.moreless
  • 10/11/92
    Regarding Stuie:
    Stu tries to set up one of his wacky inventions on the roof and he falls off on his head and starts to think he's a baby. The rugrats take advantage of this and have fun with him but Tommy starts to miss his dad.

    Garage Sale:
    The Pickles throw a garage sale and Angelica tricks the babies by letting them help ou and give out some stuff too. In the end when Didi and Stu come back inside the entire house is empty and the money they earned has to be used on their profits.moreless
  • Angelica's In Love:
    Angelica falls in love with a biker kid, but doesn't know how to tell him so she gives him hints throughout the whole episode. When they finally have a chance to be together his mom comes and picks him up. After that Angelica decides not to fall in love again, but when a cute foreign kid becomes her new neighbor she falls in love all over again.

    Ice Cream Mountain:
    Stu and Drew decide to play golf on an impossible course to win. Angelica says that if they win they get ice cream, so in the end the rugrats help them win and they get ice cream after all.moreless
  • Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch:
    A mean girl steals babies toys at the park by no shadows time, so Tommy stands up to her and turns her into a nice girl.

    Phil and Lil tell Tommy and Chuckie that there's a world behind the mirror, so Tommy and Chuckie explore it. The world is the complete opposite of their world, but when it gets to scary they decide to come back.moreless
  • 9/20/92
    The Big House:
    Tommy has to go to an overprotective daycare with junior delinquent babies trying to break out. At first it seems like a challenge but then Tommy comes up with an idea to make them home free.

    The Shot:
    Tommy tells the babies that he's going to get his booster shot, but when Chuckie warns Tommy what it is he becomes scared and tries to avoid from getting it.moreless
  • Chuckie Vs. The Potty: Chaz wants Chuckie to be potty trained, but can't get him to go. The babies try not to let Didi and Stu make him use it. Chuckie has a dream about never learning, Together At Last: Phil and Lil want separate lives. What should we do. Phil going to Tommy's, with Lil's bow on. Lil staying home looking like Phil. They end up wanting to be together.moreless
  • 9/6/92
    Toy Palace:
    Stu and Chaz take Tommy and Chuckie to the Toy Palace and Tommy and Chuckie think it would be neat to live in the store and so they sneak away. Stu and Chaz completely oblivious to whats going on leave (with a doll and a monkey doll) Tommy and Chuckie in the store. Tommy and Chuckie explore the store with a lazy security guard watching wrestling. Tommy and Chuckie soon find out living in the toy store isn't so good when they get chased by a giant ape toy called "Thorg."

    Sand Ho:
    The Rugrats act out Grandpa's pirate story that he told them, before he fell asleep. (As Usual)moreless