Rugrats - Season 3

Nickelodeon (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Passover
    Episode 26

    After arguing with Minka over his spotted glasses, Boris runs away. Later, after feeling bad, he decides to get Minka's glasses, only to be trapped in the attic by Angelica, Tommy & Chuckie. Each family member finds him, as well as end up being locked in the attic (it locks from the outside). While in the attic, Boris tells the story on how Passover was established. Angelica, imagining the story as it unfolds, picture herself as the Pharaoh, Tommy as Moses, and the babies as Hebrew slaves.

  • 5/22/94
    Cradle Attraction:
    Chuckie has a girlfriend, Megan. They like each other in an unorthodox manner -- by teasing each other.

    Moving Away:
    Angelica and her parents are moving to New York, Tommy explains to the other Rugrats on how they met for the first time, thanks to Angelica's lies about each other.moreless
  • 5/15/94
    I Remember Melville:
    Melville, Chuckie's pet bug, died while in the other Rugrats' care. They try to find ways to avoid passing that fact to Chuckie.

    No More Cookies:
    After getting sick as a result of eating too many cookies, Angelica swears off of them, depending on the other Rugrats to keep her away from cookies.moreless
  • 5/8/94
    Kid TV: After being disgusted by a competitor's toy commercial on TV (a "Transformer"-type flying bird that flies, goes in space, does your homework, etc.), Stu throws his invention (similar to what's on the commercial, except it doesn't do anything) at the TV, breaking the TV and the bird (the latter already broken to begin with). Afterwards, the Rugrats use a box (a "Cheese of the Month" box that was to be used to ship the TV back to Japan) to make their own shows, all making a rather colorful lineup. The Sky Is Falling: Following Angelica's story on "The End of the World" (which previously happened 2 years before), the Rugrats prepare for the falling sky, and its aftermath (Angelica becomes the world President and orders the Rugrats to do what she says), while Stu and Chazz brush up on their tennis.moreless
  • 4/10/94
    New Kid In Town: Tired of Angelica being bad to them all the time; the Rugrats find Josh, another friend to play with. It started out okay, but it turns out, however, that he is more meaner than Angelica, going as far as risking their lives with a game called "Pillow" (he swings high and jumps ON the babies). According to Josh, what's "fair" is what he (and later, his fist) decides to be fair. Pickles vs. Pickles: Tired of being hassled all the time by her parents, especially when it comes down to the foods she's required to eat, Angelica doesn't take the law into her own hands -- she takes them to court.moreless
  • Angelica's Worst Nightmare:
    Charlotte is having a baby, but Angelica does not like the idea of having another mouth to feed.

    The Mega Diaper Babies:
    The Rugrats play-act their favorite super-heroes, "The Mega Hyper-Heroes", a Captain Planet-type program, as Angelica commandeers their action figures.
  • 3/6/94
    The Alien:
    When Chuckie gets a new playhouse, Angelica scapegoats Chuckie for being an alien, thinking the playhouse is a UFO and Chuckie is trying to trick the babies into being abducted.

    Mr. Clean:
    After being told by Chaz about germs after Chuckie was caught playing near germs, Chuckie becomes an overprotective germ freak who couldn't even play with the Rugrats.moreless
  • 2/27/94
    Chuckie's Red Hair:
    Chuckie hates being noticed by everyone because of his red hair, so he uses Grandpa Lou's hair dye and turns it black, only to realized he liked getting attention in the first place.

    Spike Runs Away:
     When Spike suddenly runs away, Tommy is sad. So Stu and Didi try new pets. The poodle is too mean, the gerbils have ran away and Grandpa Lou squished the spider. Will Spike come back or will he never come home?moreless
  • 2/20/94
    In The Dreamtime:
    After having vivid dreams at night, Chuckie is having trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality. His difficulty, however, almost had disastrous results when he wanders into the next yard, where a bulldog is sitting.

    The Unfair Pair:
     When Angelica thinks every family would have one favorite child, there is one problem when it comes to which of the twins Phil and Lil are their favorite.moreless
  • Mommy's Little Assets:
    Charlotte brings Tommy and Angelica to her office building where, while Charlotte makes a deal with the Famous Ethel cookie factory, Tommy and Angelica wreak havoc in the office by damaging plans for the Cookie World theme park and breaking Jonathan's fish aquarium.

    Chuckie's Wonderful Life:
    When Chuckie accidentally gives Angelica his father's Latvian Polka Dances CD (using it as a toy), Chuckie, who wishes he weren't born, has a chance to see what would be of the world if it weren't for Chuckie.moreless
  • Under Chuckie's Bed:
    When Chaz replaces Chuckie's crib with a bed, Chuckie starts to be afraid of the monster under the bed, and it's up to Tommy and Chuckie to face the monster.

    Chuckie Is Rich:
    When Chaz wins a clearing house sweepstakes, Chaz and Chuckie are rich, and Chuckie lives the high life until Chaz blows all his fortune in a bad investment.moreless
  • Naked Tommy:
    Trying to be just like Spike, Tommy takes off his clothes, and entices the other Rugrats to do the same, while Stu finds a way to keep Tommy's clothes on.

    Tommy And The Secret Club:
    Angelica is forming a new club, and is running a contest to see who will become a member. The benefit: the member becomes Angelica's slave.moreless
  • 12/26/93
    Princess Angelica:
    After intensive testing by the Rugrats, it is proven that Angelica is the princess, and contemplates leaving her "fake" parents (Drew & Charlotte, who makes her clean her room once a month) for her "real", royal ones (actually, Sal Fusco, "Home Office King" (555-KING), who charges $100 for a house call).

    The Odd Couple:
    Tommy is staying over at Chuckie's house for a long weekend while his parents go to Wisconsin for a cheese tasting tour. Tommy and Chuckie think they're going to get along great, but soon they start fighting about their different ways of doing stuff.moreless
  • Who's Taffy?
    Who's Taffy?
    Episode 13
    The Rugrats think that Taffy has turned into Angelica. Can they get her back?
  • 12/19/93
    Destination: Moon:
    When Chuckie's toy rocket flies too high, the babies think that it has gone to the moon. Thinking Grandpa Lou's new trailer is a rocket ship, the pretend to fly to the moon to search for Chuckie's rocket. But they have to watch out for moon monsters!

    Angelica's Birthday:
    It's Angelica's birthday and she's excited, until Grandpa Lou tells her what it's like to be old. So, she decides to become a baby again, but soon finds it's not as great as she thinks.moreless
  • 12/12/93
    After playing with a pair of toy hand-cuffs to be donated to an orphanage, Chuckie and Angelica got cuffed together with it and they've lost the key.
    The Blizzard:
    Chuckies favorite toy bus that he got from Santa gets broken after Stu steps on it, and what's worse is a blizzard is going to hit them. After the blizzard when playing in the snow Lou says that it looks like the North Pole. And so Chuckie gets an idea and says to the rest of the Rugrats that if the North Pole is near than so is Santa, and he can fix Chuckies toy. And so they go on an adventure to find Santa braving the blizzards, and harsh coldness of the North Pole (Tommy's back yard). On the way they meet Angelica (Angelanik of the North) who's only going along to get toys. Later the Rugrats find out they went the wrong way and ended up at the South Pole. While the others are disappointed Tommy thinks it's great that they managed to find the South Pole. And so Lou fixed Chuckies bus and the Rugrats had a fun adventure in the blizzard.moreless
  • Home Movies:
    Stu shows everyone boring home movies, but the kids make drawings of their own that are brought to life by the Rugrats cartoonists. A VERY cool story with actual art by the children of the makers of Rugrats.

    The Mysterious Mr. Fiend:
    Stu invents a new toy: a scary walking, talking, heat-seeking clown doll. The babies encounter it, and are horrified. Eventually, it all comes down to a final battle royale between Tommy and friends and an army of "Mr. Fiends." The babies win the day...or do they?moreless
  • Bug Off
    Bug Off
    Episode 10
    The babies are worried when Taffy gets chased by a giant hornet mascot at a baseball game.
  • 11/28/93
    Give And Take: Tommy "accidentally" lets Chuckie borrow his Boppo toy. Chuckie then realizes it's a clown toy. Angelica finds a switch on it and Chuckie pulls it, deflating Boppo. Then Tommy comes over and sees the deflated Boppo, Then Stu inflates it again. The Gold Rush: Angelica finds a nickel in the sand box and thinks there's a fortune under the sand, so the babies dig. They start arguing about finding more nickels. Angelica marks the nickel with an X, but the wind blows it away and Angelica digs frantically to find it again. The babies don't care about nickels anymore and they just play happily again.moreless
  • The Crawl Space
    The Crawl Space
    Episode 9
    More down low adventures with the world's favourite babies!
  • 11/21/93
    Reptar 2010:
    The Rugrats are having fun watching Reptar 2010 when suddenly the video breaks. So the Rugrats become Reptommy, Chucktar, Replil, Repphil, and Reptelica and create their own endings to the movie.

    Stu Gets A Job:
    At Didi's suggestion, Stu gets a job working for the Consoldated Lard company. It takes Tommy to make Stu realize where his place truly is.moreless
  • 11/14/93
    The Last Babysitter:
    Alisa finally gets a chance to be mature and responsible by babysitting Tommy, Susie, Buster, and other babies but problems arise when the lights blackout and Tommy and Susie see a shadow in the hall.

    Sour Pickles:
    Grandpa Lou tells the story of how much Stu and Drew fought as babies and try to get the old tv working so they can watch the TV show, "Blocky and Oxwinkle."moreless
  • When Wishes Come True: Tommy gets really mad at Angelica for ruining his "3 Baby's and a Guitar" statue. So Tommy wishes for the worst thing to happen for Angelica. She turned stone, but the babies don't know it's Drew's anniversary present for Charlotte. Angelica Breaks A Leg: Charlotte and Drew go on a power rafting trip. Angelica has to stay with Uncle Stu and Aunt Didi. She gets mad for not giving her attention, so she fakes breaking a leg. It drives Stu and Didi nuts, but she eventually gets caught and in the end she gets it back double as Charlotte breaks her leg.moreless
  • Baby Power
    Baby Power
    Episode 6
    The Rugrats try to make Dil big and strong.
  • The Baby Vanishes:
    Angelica uses her mother's vanishing cream (thinking it can make people "invisible") on herself and Tommy and Chuckie, but she wants to be noticed later on.

    Farewell, My Friend:
    When a glass was broken in Chaz's greenhouse while the Rugrats go on an adventure, Chuckie does not want to go on any adventures with his friends anymore, but Chuckie's decision also affects Chuckie and Tommy's friendship.moreless
  • 10/24/93
    Circus Angelicus:
    Intrigued by the neighborhood circus show, Angelica puts on a show of her own, with the Rugrats volunteering (actually, drafted).

    The Stork:
    Angelica asks, "Where do babies come from?" Her parents originally planned to give her a well-thought-out answer, but ended up answering "the stork". After Angelica tells the Rugrats about this, Tommy finds his new "brother", "Milton", in the nest, as an unhatched egg. Angelica, however, wants it ("Miltonia", her new "sister"), to herself.moreless
  • Grandpa Moves Out:
    After ruining dinner, making Tommy cry and Spike growl, Grandpa gets out of everyone's way by moving to Flushing Waters Retirement Home, which seems luxury, (so it says in the commercial), but it turns out to be your run-in-the-mill retirement home.

    The Legend Of Satchmo:
    The babies, Angelica, and Grandpa have a campout outside. Grandpa tells the legend of the Sasquatch (the tots mispronounce it as "Satchmo"), which leads to Chuckie using the restroom, and Tommy figuring out where Chuckie is. Angelica scares them, Stu is scared to let them sleep outside because of a campout when he was 34. He calms himself down and sleeps with the kids.

  • 10/10/93
    Tricycle Thief:
    Susie's tricycle is missing, and everyone immediately blames Angelica. She denies it, but there is lots of evidence. Did she steal it?

    Playing doctor with her "Binks McGill" doctor kit (based on the TV show), Angelica diagnoses Chuckie with the entirely ficticious "Rhinoceritis", in which Chuckie will turn into a rhino. The signs of "Rhinoceritis" includes a bump on a head (where "a horn is growing in"), scaly skin (actually, scabs), and ornery behavior. Meanwhile, Drew helps Stu and Didi with their income tax, with some sound advice for those who don't file properly.moreless
  • Chuckie's First Haircut:
    Chuckie is scared to get a haircut so the rugrats try to make him get over this fear.

    Cool Hand Angelica:
    After Susie talks about her rough experiences at camp Angelica says that she could handle that entire camp in a day. Of course she's lying and trying to make herself look good but her wish comes true when her parents enroll her in the same camp as Susie and she realizes that it's not a piece of cake.moreless
  • Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster:
    Paul Gatsby, the creator of the Dummi Bears, comes to dinner at the Carmicheals' house. Susie thinks that every time Paul and her father, Randy (who's the head writer for the Dummi Bears) get together, Paul buys the Carmicheals' a new house. Because of this, she and the rest of the Rugrats decide to ruin the dinner so Paul will be mad and not make the Carmicheals' move.

    Twins Pique:
    Phil and Lil are tired of Betty and Howard Mixing them up. So, they both become new people! Lil decided she wants to be Angelica, and Phil decided he wants to be Chuckie.moreless