Season 3 Episode 8

The Last Babysitter / Sour Pickles

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Nov 14, 1993 on Nickelodeon



  • Allusions

    • Susie/Tommy: (looking through a book of monsters)The U-u-morph. He likes dark places.
      T: I bet he's the one in your basement.
      S: Naw. No one's seen him for like fourteen kajillion years. I think he fell into a volcano or something.
      This is a reference to the creature Gollum from The Hobbit and LotR, former owner of the the One Ring who is under Its control. He lived in a cave deep within the Misty Mountains, scorning the light. He fell into Mount Doom, bringing with him the One Ring, and thus destroyed the Dark Lord Sauron.