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Tommy and The Great White Thing

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Tommy and The Great White Thing
In the pilot, Tommy snuck into the bathroom, and was intrigued by the toilet, which he calls "The Great White Thing". Before he got very close to it, however, Grandpa picked him up and carried him to the playpen. There, Tommy tells Phil & Lil that he'll be going back. Meanwhile, Stu and Didi had a couple of friends over for dinner. Later, Stu & Didi put Tommy to bed in his crib. Tommy escapes using what would become the old screwdriver-as-crib-opener trick. Tommy proceeds to the bathroom, where he makes a big mess in there, especially when it comes to toilet paper and the toilet plunger. Tommy leaves the bathroom, and enters the living room on Spike's back, with plunger in hand. After they get by Grandpa's side, Grandpa gets up to use the toilet during a chicken commercial on TV, only to find out that the bathroom's in shambles. As Stu and Didi panic, Tommy switches the TV channel to a rock & roll program, and grooves to the music.moreless

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    Jack Riley

    Jack Riley

    Stu Pickles

    David Doyle

    David Doyle

    Louis Pickles (1991-1997)

    Melanie Chartoff

    Melanie Chartoff

    Didi Pickles

    Kath Soucie

    Kath Soucie

    Phil/Lil/Betty/Squeaky Chicken Girl

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      • Grandpa: Hold on there, little fella! This is no place for you!

        Grandpa carries Tommy out of the bathroom and into the kitchen, where Stu, Didi and two guests were talking over dinner.

        Stu: (off camera, to guests) I figure another couple of months until Tommy starts talking...

        Grandpa: Hey, Stu, I found your boy about to go sage belly in the water closet.

    • NOTES (1)

      • 1. Tommy, Phil, Lil, Spike, Grandpa, Stu and Didi are featured in this pilot. The voices are the same as the TV series, except that Tami Holbrook was the voice of Tommy -- E.G. Daily would not come on board until the series starts. Also, Grandpa's character was named as "Stu Pickles, Sr.", though he'll later be called "Grandpa", and later, "Grandpa Lou". Conversely, Stu was listed as "Stu Pickles, Jr."

        2. In the pilot, Tommy wears an orange shirt. He won't begin to wear his trademark blue shirt until Barbecue Story.

        3. Peter Chung also animated and directed the Rugrats introduction you see at the start of every show (the one used for all episodes produced through 2000). But most of all, he went on to create the futuristic anti-heroine, Aeon Flux, for MTV.

        4. In the pilot, Stu, talking to his dinner guests, mentions that it would be a couple of months until Tommy starts talking. Of course, since the series started, he never talked to the grown-ups.

        5. A segment from this pilot was actually used in a station-ID for Nick (still seen to this day): using the TV scene, the Nick logo pops up on the TV screen as Tommy turns on the TV.

        6. Apart from the false TV Guide listing in the 8/10/1991 edition (as well as many newspaper TV listings), there were actually plans to televise this episode in another format. In 1992, Klasky-Csupo had plans to expand this episode to the standard 11 minutes and place it in normal rotation on Nick in 1993. However, due to unknown reasons, this episode never made it to TV. For more details, click here.

        7. Apart from exhibitions at animation festivals and conventions, this episode was never seen by the public until August 2001, when it appeared on volume 1 of the Decade In Diapers video, which was released as part of Rugrats' 10th anniversary on Nick.

        8. Tommy's famous Star Ball was also seen for the first time in this series. According to "Helvetica Gold", the Star Ball was originally designed by Pixar (the Toy Story people) for their short, Luxo, Jr.. The ball also appeared in Toy Story in a scene where Buzz Lightyear (voice of Tim Allen) bounces off of it after leaping from a bedpost.

        9. It should also be noted that in the pilot and Tommy's First Birthday, the ball makes a jingley sound when rolled, but in all other appearances, including its next appearance in Barbecue Story, the ball is silent.

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