Season 3 Episode 3

Tricycle Thief / Rhinoceritis!

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Oct 10, 1993 on Nickelodeon
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Tricycle Thief:
Susie's tricycle is missing, and everyone immediately blames Angelica. She denies it, but there is lots of evidence. Did she steal it?

Playing doctor with her "Binks McGill" doctor kit (based on the TV show), Angelica diagnoses Chuckie with the entirely ficticious "Rhinoceritis", in which Chuckie will turn into a rhino. The signs of "Rhinoceritis" includes a bump on a head (where "a horn is growing in"), scaly skin (actually, scabs), and ornery behavior. Meanwhile, Drew helps Stu and Didi with their income tax, with some sound advice for those who don't file properly.moreless

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  • ScumBob Episode

    Susie was my favorite character, but in this episode, she was unlikeable, like tie Cyntia on the balloon, Susie shouldn't just put her in the cage, this episode is terrible. It is clearly a ScumBob Episode (I got that by PIEGUYRULZ, By review every episode of SpongeBob

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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • After Chuckie lets go of the doll and angelica screams Cynthia and when Phil and Lil hold her down you can see that she's not wearing her polka dot panty hose then the next scene they are back on.

    • Closed-Captioning error: In the flashback where Chuckie described what happened, Angelica was laughing & riding the trike while Susie was crying. However, the caption said "[Susie cackling]"

    • Goof: During Angelica's "trial," Susie ties a helium-filled mylar balloon cord around the left foot of Cynthia, Angelica's doll, making her dangle upside down. When Susie lets go of the string and lets the balloon fly off with Cynthia, the string is now tied to her right foot. (Conversely during the "trial," the upside down doll's skirt falls to her face, showing her panties. When Susie lets go, Cynthia's skirt is defying gravity and is back to its proper position.)

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Tommy: What if Angelica is telling the truth?
      Angelica: Yeah, what if I'm telling the truth?
      Susie: Telling the truth? You mean like the time you told Tommy his new baby sister was coming in the mail?
      Angelica: Well...
      Susie: Or the time you told Phil and Lil that their daddy's hair was a wig.
      Phil: Boy, did he ever get mad when we tried to pull it off.
      Lil: It was kind of funny though.
      (They both laugh)
      Susie: Or the time you told Chuckie the guy on the oatmeal box moved in next door.
      Chuckie: (Shudders) Don't remind me.

    • Angelica: I'd push you off your trike, or crash you into it, or maybe even throw it out a window, but I'd NEVER steal it!

    • Lil: Where did you get that balloon?
      Chuckie: After what they did to your teeth, it's the least they can do.

    • Phil: Call the police!
      Lil: Call the army!
      Chuckie: Call me when it's over!

    • (After Angelica has "stolen" Susie's trike, the other Rugrats start to bring revenge to Angelica)
      Lil: Make her pay through the nose!
      Chuckie: I put a penny in my nose once.

    • Susie: That was the final nail in the coffee!

    • Tommy: It's like taking candy from a baby!
      Chuckie: Tommy! Where do you get scary thoughts like that?

    • Drew: We got shopping lists, candy wrappers, and what appears to be a moldy bag of fries.
      Stu: I always keep track of what I buy.
      Drew: That's nice. But why didn't you just (yelling) save the receipts?

    • Drew: Your taxes come to $320.
      Stu: $320? How can it be?
      Drew: Oops, forgot the decimal point. That actually comes to $32,000.
      Stu: (shouts) $32,000? (cries)
      Drew: Don't worry, Stu. A smart kid like Tommy doesn't need to go to college.

    • (In the end, after finding out that this "Rhinoceritis" is nothing but a cruel joke, the Rugrats turn the table on Angelica by telling her that she's the one with Rhinoceritis, and to help remedy this, Angelica eats grass)
      Drew: Angelica, why are you eating grass?
      Angelica: Be careful, daddy; a rhinoceros is known to charge at random.

    • Angelica: Chuckie, how many fingers am I holding up?
      Chuckie: I don't know. I don't know how to count.
      Angelica: Neither do rhinoceroses.

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