Season 3 Episode 7

When Wishes Come True / Angelica Breaks A Leg

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Nov 07, 1993 on Nickelodeon
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When Wishes Come True: Tommy gets really mad at Angelica for ruining his "3 Baby's and a Guitar" statue. So Tommy wishes for the worst thing to happen for Angelica. She turned stone, but the babies don't know it's Drew's anniversary present for Charlotte. Angelica Breaks A Leg: Charlotte and Drew go on a power rafting trip. Angelica has to stay with Uncle Stu and Aunt Didi. She gets mad for not giving her attention, so she fakes breaking a leg. It drives Stu and Didi nuts, but she eventually gets caught and in the end she gets it back double as Charlotte breaks her leg.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

    Jack Riley

    Jack Riley

    Stu Pickles/Store Clerk

    Tress MacNeille

    Tress MacNeille

    Charlotte Pickles/Soap Actress

    David Doyle

    David Doyle

    Louis Pickles

    E. G. Daily

    E. G. Daily

    Tommy Pickles

    Michael Bell

    Michael Bell

    Drew Pickles

    Christine Cavanaugh

    Christine Cavanaugh

    Chuckie Finster

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      • Angelica: Uncle Stu, I want some chocolate pudding.
        Stu: It's 3 o'clock in the morning, I'm tired, and we don't have any chocolate pudding.
        Angelica: (clutches leg in pain) Aw, oh, the pain!
        Stu: Angelica, we don't have any chocolate pudding!
        Angelica: There must be a store open somewhere.
        Stu: Angelica, I'm not going out at 3 in the morning to buy you chocolate pudding and that's final! (cut to Stu walking into a store
        Stu: (to a store clerk: Where's the chocolate pudding?
        Store Clerk: We're out of the ready-made stuff but we got pudding mix. (places a box of pudding mix on the counter)

      • Dr. Hogie Doozer: I may be young, Mrs. Pickles, but I know a broken leg when I see one!
        Nurse: Dr. Doozer, your chocolate milk.
        Dr. Hogie Doozer: Thank you. (Sips on his milk through a straw while sitting on a pile of books under his desk)

      • (the doorbell buzzes.)
        Didi: (opening the door) Drew, what are you doing back so soon?
        Drew: We had to come back. Charlotte got a little run-in with a kayak.
        Didi: You mean...
        Drew: (whispers) Broken leg.
        (cut to Charlotte with her broken at her room while holding a buzzer that buzzes.)

      • (Stu has just went to a lot of trouble getting and making chocolate pudding for Angelica at 4:00 AM). Stu: Here's your pudding, Angelica. Angelica: Oh that's OK, Uncle Stu. I'm not hungry anymore. (We cut to outside as we hear Stu's trademark scream)

      • Tommy: NO! I wish something really bad would happen to Angelica! Something so bad... so bad... so bad I can't even think of it yet! I wish... I wish... I WISH! (There is a large flash of lightning, the kids run away)
        Lou: (Looking at a bug zapper) That mosquito must've been the size of a B-52!

      • Tommy: I call it "3 Babies and a Guitar".
        Angelica: Do you know what I call it? (Kicks blocks) A mess!

      • Didi: I love Stu, but sometimes he couldn't find his nose with his finger.

      • Lil: She should've turned into worms!
        Phil: Or bat drool!
        Phil & Lil: Or worms and bat drool!

      • Grandpa: Read my clips! No new branches!

      • Stu: I'll have it fixed up faster than you can say "Hokey Pokey"!
        Drew: Hokey pokey.

      • Stu: I call it "Angelica Descending A Staircase".
        Drew: I call it a mess.

      • Tommy: Be careful what you wish for; it might come true!

      • Stu: I just can't get this hippo-copter to fly.
        Didi: Stu, if hippos were meant to fly, they wouldn't weigh three-thousand pounds.

      • Chuckie: Why me? Why always me?

      • Chuckie: (When the statue of Angelica is placed on him) Even as a rock she makes my life miserable.

      • Didi: Stu, what are you doing?
        Stu: Making chocolate pudding.
        Didi: It's 4 o'clock in the morning, why on earth are you making chocolate pudding?
        Stu: Because I've lost control of my life.

      • Angelica: (In "pain") OWW! OOH, MY FIBULA!

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