Rules of Engagement

Season 7 Episode 13


Aired Monday 8:30 PM May 20, 2013 on CBS

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  • Series Finale

    I really wish they didn`t cancel it :'(
  • A great wrap-up

    I doubt that the writers really wanted to have to wrap everything up in one episode, but since it was being cancelled, this worked well.
  • 100th

    Not great enough to do this underrated show justice, but the series finale did give us a glimpse of what Rules of Engagement has been like since day one: A little bit cliched and predictable, but underappreciated humor within that familiar formula.

    Didn't like Timmy and Russell getting married, but the show made it work. It was funny, but after all of this wait, I didn't like how the baby trumped Jen and Adam getting married.
  • Why did Timmy and Russell get married if Timmy is an American citizen?

    Why does Timmy need a work visa if he is an American citizen? In a previous episode he tells Russell that he has been an American citizen for the past decade.

  • average episode

    only jeff n audrey and the baby carry the else is utterly pointless..

    adam and jen finally get married after they suddenly find a priest watching over a dying mans bad then says we good to go now !

    and then we have the baby stuff a breif scene of adam and jen FINALLY GET MARRIED...

    audrey is actually pregnant now ?! So all that brenda went through is kinda pointless they now have two kids for jeff to pay for...

    here's the writers really raped the pooch:

    Timmy has a work visa ?? seriously? he's worked in the usa for years and didn't get a permenant how relying on the most unreliable idiot to sort out his application ?

    THEN the only way for him to stay is to marry that same idiot in a 'civil partnership' SERIOUSLY... yes we know they have joked about the gay bonding between them but actually making them 'a couple' is such a lame ass cop of accepted brenda marrying timmy more...

    yeah no wonder they axed it.. hopefully they can return the show with a new name to see how stuff unfolds.. but i doubt it..