Rules of Engagement

Season 7 Episode 6

Baby Talk

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Mar 11, 2013 on CBS

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  • Baby Talk

    Probably the best episode of what has been a strong season of Rules of Engagement here. For once the Russell storyline was actually good, and not full of pure nonsense. Almost reminiscent of a Dennis Finch story on Just Shoot Me.

    Even the scenes with Jeff, Audrey and the surrogate Brenda worked.
  • Solid episode!

    There's something about this show that I really love. Maybe it's the actors' chemistry, or funny writing. This episode was solid, enjoyed it very much. Found particularly funny the scene with Jeff complaining about Audrey to his unborn baby, just non-stop, until he saw she was standing behind him. On and all, enjoy this show and will miss it if it's gone. My one and only problem with it is that the story line moves very slowly... Feels like Audrey and Jeff's surrogate has been pregnant for 2-3 seasons now ... but I guess the writers have their reasons...