Rules of Engagement

Season 3 Episode 10

Family Style

Aired Monday 8:30 PM May 11, 2009 on CBS

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  • When Jeff and Audrey go out to dinner with Brad and Jackie Jeff gets annoyed when Jackie takes and eats something off his plate. Russell is dating a Psychiatrist. He concocts a plan to have Timmy see her as him to see if she can help him.

    Russell is afraid that he is missing out on a chance to learn if he can get over some of his issues so he gets Timmy to see his Psychiatrist friend as a patient pretending to be him from a personality stand point. You see Russell doesn't want to miss out on a chance to be helped and he doesn't want to miss out on a chance to bed the lady as well. Typical Russell.

    Timmy describes all of the various problems and experiences Russell has had. There are some so bad he has to write them down for the Psychiatrist to read and there are some very scarring emotions Timmy has to deal with. The doctor gives Timmy some medication and Russell takes it as he feels it was meant for him anyways. In the end it has some surprising results for Russell and leaves Timmy to drink in the dark alone.

    The Jeff situation comes from the fact that Jeff does not like to share his food. Jackie, Brad's partner is one of those people who eats off of other peoples plates. Jeff thinks he has the perfect plan for when they go out to eat again he gets Jennifer and Adam to go as well so there are two people on each side of him between him and Jackie. It turns out its a Chinese restaurant that it has the family style wheel in the middle of the table so Jeff doesn't get any of his food as it all gets taken before he can have some. Audrey is mad because Jeff always pushes people away in one way or another so they have no friends. In the end Audrey's plan of not saying anything gets them in trouble and Jackie ends up storming out because Audrey blurts out an unkind word trying to defend herself. Let's face it the whole situation could have been handle with more decorum and caused no problems. It just wasn't that funny.

    Verdict, it was an OK episode. For once the Russell storyline was better than the Jeff storyline. In general a mediocre episode compared to some of the better recent ones. Thanks for reading...
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