Rules of Engagement

Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Monday 8:30 PM Mar 01, 2010 on CBS
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Jeff listens to Russell about a co-worker and finds himself in trouble. Timmy is sent to get Russell's phone from the apartment of his most recent conquest.

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  • Season 4 premiere

    I hope the ratings for this episode were decent as CBS did little to promote the show's return. A fifth season might be a longshot at this point, but at least we have 12 episodes to enjoy over the next few months.

    I am glad that Adhir Kalyan has become a full-time cast member. He was excellent on Aliens in America, and he's actually one of the few people on this show to play a role completely different than the one they did on their previous sitcoms. He was clearly the star of tonight's episode, although everyone was good tonight, except for Megyn Price's awful "crying" at the end.

    Nice to have the show back, but I expected a bit more than this.moreless
  • Jeff listens to Russell and it ends up getting him in trouble. Adam listens to Russell and Jeff and he almost really gets himself in trouble. Timmy goes on an errand to retrieve Russell's phone from a one night stand and ends up in a funny situation.moreless

    OK, I have to say I am happy Rules is back. They have added Adhir Kalyan who plays Russell's assistant Timmy to the main cast. Probably a good move as his part has been getting bigger over the last season.

    The stories tonight were two that were very predictable. One of those was humorous even though it was predictable. The final story is one that was very funny.

    Jeff gets advice about flirting at work from Russell and it rebounds really quick on him. I would have loved for them to play out that discussion with his wife on camera. Actually it probably wouldn't be as good as it was in my mind so that's alright.

    Adam really gets freaked out by Russell about setting the date for his marriage to Jen. He then mails the wedding invitations after almost not doing it out of the angst of getting married. Russell's advice scares him into sending the "Save the Date" notes. Of course he put no stamps on them because he never paid any attention to what he really was doing as he was so freaked out. I still say he and Jennifer are the straight guys in this cast. There is generally nothing funny about their parts or stories. This is predictable getting married, cold feet stuff!

    Timmy has to run an errand for Russell. Retrieve Russell's cell phone from the home of a one night stand he was with the night before. Seems simple enough until the Bible Study Group ends up interfering. Trust me you have to see this one. Very funny.

    I'm glad Rules of Engagement is back and personally I think it fits in nice with Men and Big Bang. The three of these shows are solid comedies with similar styles. Welcome back to Monday nights! Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Fourth Season Premiere

    I've always been annoyed with this show. I don't know why. I think it's because of David Spade. It's not that I hate David Spade, it's just too much of him can be really annoying. But, this show isn't terrible because it does have a great cast with great actors.

    CBS has the most watched comedy block on TV right now, with TV's most watched and best comedies. So, I decided to watch Rules of Engagement after How I Met Your Mother. This wasn't a bad episode, I just didn't care for it as much. It's very forgettable episode. Just meh. 5.1/10 for this episode.moreless

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