Rules of Engagement

Season 4 Episode 8

Free Free Time

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 19, 2010 on CBS

Episode Recap

Russell is sitting in his office yelling for Timmy, who is outside bringing Russell his lunch. Timmy is beating on the sandwich, then wraps it up and hands it to him. When Russell unwraps his sandwich he says, "My sandwich has a boo-boo". Then Russell opens his bag of potato chips to find that they are crushed. Timmy suggests that the counter man may have a problem, but Russell does not seem to be buying that explanation. Timmy leaves the office just as Russell opens up his can of pop, which explodes all over him.

Russell, Jeff, Audrey and Adam are at the diner and they notice the stain on his shirt. Russell explains that a soda can exploded and Audrey states that she thought it was mace. Russell explains that mace stains clear and then asks the group why Timmy would be destroying his lunch. Audrey states, "He hates you" and Russell tells her that she doesn't understand because she is not there. Adam points out that he is there and Timmy hates him. Audrey says goodbye and on her way out tells Jeff that she defrosted that thing in the freezer that has been there since they moved in. Jeff questions her that tonight is her girl's night out. Audrey explains that the group has dwindled down and Molly was the one & she moved away. She reminds Jeff that she told him this last night. Jeff notes that he clearly did not stay awake for it and she suggests that they can check out paint colors for their powder room.

After she leaves, Jeff mumbles nightmare and Adam offers his help stating, "I have a good eye for color". Jeff explains that he liked his free, free night, explaining that he doesn't have to ask for a free night, because Audrey has plans, so he doesn't have to owe her anything. Russell says, "Listen to this guy, I'll never get married". Jeff tells Russell to keep it down, so the women of New York don't find out. Adam asks Jeff what he would do on these nights and Jeff tells him, 'Anything I wanted to do". Russell points out, "Now, you'll never do it again". Adam states that Jen has a girl's night out and he misses her. Jeff asks when and Adam tells him it is tonight. Jeff gets up to leave and Russell points out that Adam stated he misses her. Jeff turns back, "Oh, yeah; right, you gay" and walks out.

Jen is in her apartment when there is a knock at the door; she looks through the peephole and sees Jeff. She hesitates for a moment and lets him in. He tells her that he needs a favor from her to invite Audrey to her girl's night out. Jen asks him to explain and he states that Audrey's girl's night out has dwindled down to just her and that she is upset. Jen explains that these are her friends from college and she doesn't think Audrey would have a good time. Jeff asks her again and she begins to question his motives behind this and states he is doing it for Audrey. He stands there staring at Jen stating, "I have nowhere to go", until Jen agrees. Jeff asks her not to tell Audrey because 'She has trouble making friends because of me". Jen responds with, "I get that".

Russell asks Timmy if he is happy working here and Timmy states that he is reasonably happy. Russell shows Timmy a video tape of him putting an apple in his pants, which he gives to Russell and drinking from Russell's ice tea & spitting it back in. Russell shows Timmy another video in which Timmy is pounding on Russell's bagel and a third video that he is shaking & then drops his soda can. Russell points out that people who work for him learn a lot and his practices tough love. Russell tells Timmy that his former assistant is launching a new video game and tells Timmy to come along. Russell suggests that Timmy can pick his brain and Timmy states, 'I'll try anything".

Jeff arrives home after work to find Audrey in sweatpants asking what he wants for dinner. She tells Jeff she could have gone out with Jen and her girlfriends, but decided against it. Jeff works on convincing her to reconsider, including telling her that she seemed sad when her girl's night fell apart. She finally gives in and Jeff reminds to go easy on the work stories so she can be invited back.

Later, Jeff returns home and finds Audrey, Jen and friends in the apartment. He walks in with bags of groceries and beer and Jen takes them out of his hands. Jeff tries to point out this it is his beer and snacks, but no one is listening. Audrey explains that he girls wanted to see her apartment and then they decided to stay in. Jeff leaves and goes to Adam's apartment. Adam opens the door and Jeff tells him to get out. Adam explains that he is going to his video game launch party tonight. Jeff wants to know if he has any booze and Adam gives him a bottle of Watermelon Schnapps. Jeff tries to the TV on and it does not work. Adam explains that Jen hooked up her karaoke machine to the TV. Jeff tells him, 'You let a woman mess with your electronics, that's smart" and Adam responds, "You're sitting in my apartment, begging for schnapps, because clearly you know how to handle the ladies". Adam heads into his room leaving Jeff alone drinking his schnapps in the living room.

Russell and Timmy arrive at the launch party and Maynard comes up to greet them. Russell introduces them stating that Timmy is from England ,which is corrected by Timmy that he is from South Africa and that Maynard is from Korea, which is corrected that he is from Cleveland. He explains that Russell was his inspiration and none of this would have been possible. Russell asks Maynard where the paid ladies are and Maynard walks away. Adam and Jeff enter the room and Jeff heads straight to the bat, telling Adam he wants to be alone with the bar. Jeff orders bourbon straight up and the bartender corrects him, "You mean Pac Manhattan". Jeff responds, '"Bourbon, hold the nerd. "Maynard comes up to the bar and introduces himself to Jeff. He tells Jeff that he has suite upstairs, but probably won't see it until sunrise. Jeff gets up and goes to the front desk, states he lost his room card and states his name is Maynard and the desk clerk asks for the last name. Jeff tracks Maynard down and asks him his last name. He goes back to the front desk and a different desk clerk, stating his name is Change, Maynard Chang.

Timmy tells Russell that he is going to leave and Russell convinces him to stay just a little longer. Adam comes up and tells them he is drinking a "Donkey Kongmospolitan". Timmy tells Russell that he can't believe that Maynard's success has anything to do with him, when the presentation begins. The announcer states, "In the world of demons, dragons and ogres, one creator is more evil than all the rest….. Smashgonome". Timmy is watching the video and the evil gnome and realizes that it resembles Russell, both in looks, voice and sayings". He points it out to Russell, who states he does not see it and then the gnome on screen is hit with a mallet. Russell laughs, just then the gnome on screen laughs and sounds exactly the same. Timmy states, "Looks like Maynard has more pent up aggression than I do". Russell sneers at him and Timmy continues, "This is more inspirational than I could have ever hoped for".

Later that night, Jeff is asleep in a chair and Maynard walks in, waking Jeff up. He claims to be Maynard and the real Maynard threatens to call security, Jeff tells him he will leave and that the pay-per-view show "Genital Hospital" is not going to get you there.

The next morning he is sharing the story with Audrey and she wants to why. HE states that he wanted to be alone for a little while. Audrey asks why he didn't just tell her and he explains his free, free time theory. He then asks her if she isn't a little happy when she is able to have time to herself. Audrey states, "I cherish every moment we spend together. I think they are the most special….." starts laughing. Jeff tells her that she almost had with that speech. Audrey states, "I just couldn't land it".

Russell is in his office yelling for Timmy in the hallway and Timmy tells him he will be there in a minute. Timmy turns to his computer and starts playing "Smashgnome".