Rules of Engagement

Season 4 Episode 8

Free Free Time

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 19, 2010 on CBS

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  • SmashGnome

    The episode was funny, typical Rules of Engagement fare, until the guys went to the party being hosted by Russell's former assistant turned video game designer. The name of the video game being released was somewhat obscured until just before the game was shown but as soon as we figured out that it was "SmashGnome" we laughed with anticipation and after it was shown on the monitors at the party my son and I laughed until we cried. We hoped that SmashGnome would get a callback in the final scene and it did, giving the episode a good finish.
  • 108

    No new Two and a Half Men or Big Bang Theory tonight, but thankfully CBS provided us with a new Rules of Engagement. While I like the 13 straight weeks of episodes the show will have this season, I do hope it gets a full 22 episode season next year.

    Tonight's episode saw Jeff want "free free time" a concept not to far from his usual behavior on the show, but well executed tonight. Seeing him say he was Maynard Chang at the front desk was hilarious, as was him watching Genital Hospital. I have questioned Patrick Warburton's ability to lead a sbow in the past, but he proves me wrong week after week here.

    The usually great Timmy and Russell scenes were forgettable tonight though.
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