Rules of Engagement

Season 1 Episode 4

Game On

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 26, 2007 on CBS

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    Most of the things in this episode of Rules of Enagement were wildly predictable and cliche but this epsiode still proved to be an entertaining watch overall. So does anyone else absolutely hate David Spade? He is so bad on this show, and I'm just surprised he's got so much gigs in the past couple years since he's easily the worst thing about this show. He's jut not good as a careless womanizer. I saw him as a carefree guy but most of his lines on here seemed way too force. I surprisingly like Jen & Adam's story line the best. The hair color getting in Adam's eye was a bit predictable but it was still funny to see him freak out over it.

    Another thing that was surprising was how incredibly boring Jeff & Audrey were. I mean they had a good story line, but it's just been over done, and this show needs to find an angle that this show hasn't got yet. Overall, just good, not the best, still entertaining regardless though.