Rules of Engagement

Season 4 Episode 4

Ghost Story

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Mar 22, 2010 on CBS
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When Audrey sees her grandmother's ghost, Jeff tells her that he does not believe her. Russell is upset that Timmy is getting married and even more so because it is an arranged marriage.

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  • Ghost Story

    After a pretty strong start to the fourth season, we got our first clunker here tonight and I think that my 6.0 score is more than generous. The laughs were minimal and the plot was not so bad it is actually good, it was just really bad. The show is content with just going through the motions right now. Think about it, when is the last time you heard someone talking about that crazy thing that happened on Rules of Engagement last night? Create some videos that go viral, have a joke that is so shocking people will be quoting it everyday, do something. The show is just not unique right now.moreless
  • Audrey sees the ghost of her late Grandmother and everyone is skeptical until Jeff claims he saw her as well. Adam and Jenn are robbed and they find out they have nothing of value to take. Timmy is going to meet his fiancee from an arranged marriage.moreless

    I am so glad this show has returned. This show slides into the Monday night Comedy lineup on CBS like a glove. Based on the numbers it seems to be putting up more than respectable ratings so I believe this will be the fourth program in next years Monday night lineup as well.

    Tonight's episode revolves around three pretty interesting stories. The first is Audrey's dead Grandmother. The second is Jenn and Adam's robbery. The final one is Russell dealing with Timmy's arranged marriage.

    In reverse order, Russell is really bothered that Timmy is alright with the arranged marriage and he is bound and determined to talk him out of it. The ending is a nice surprise and I guess we'll see where this goes.

    The second story which revolves around Jenn and Adam is that they have nothing of real value that they've bought since they've been adults. This comes out when they are robbed and the only thing of value supposedly stolen is an American Indian bowl that belonged to Audrey and Jeff. So they buy a framed photograph to symbolize their maturing relationship with very funny but predictable results.

    Audrey wakes to see her dead Grandmother at the foot of the bed. When she tells Jeff he says he believes her. But when the subject is brought up the next day at lunch everyone including Jeff is skeptical. Audrey feels betrayed. Later the next night Jeff sees the same vision and Audrey is skeptical, but when it comes up at lunch the next day everyone is oohing and aahing at the story which makes Audrey really mad. They believed Jeff, but not her!

    Three fun tales and good acting except for the smirks on the actors faces when they are trying not to laugh. In a way that is sort of charming. Only someone like Patrick Warburton can get away with that. It sort of reminded me of skits on the Carol Burnett show with Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. Great stuff. I'm looking forward to Mondays even more these days. Monday's RULE. Thanks for reading...moreless

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