Rules of Engagement

Season 5 Episode 4

Handy Man

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 11, 2010 on CBS
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Audrey tries to spice up her sex life with Jeff when she discovers he is taking matters into his own hands. Russell invites Timmy on a trip to Miami without telling Timmy he has difficulty flying.

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  • This episode was completely missing one of the three main couples: Adam and Jennifer. Jeff and Audrey try to spark up their marriage, and Russell takes Timmy on a trip, but only because he has an extreme fear of flying and wants a surrogate nanny.moreless

    Rules of Engagement would seem to be, with a title like that, about relationships, and we did have one engaged couple, one married couple, and one single guy. The single guy proved to be kind of a fifth wheel, so he was given a character to have a relationship with: his assistant, Timmy. It is a very antagonistic relationship, as Russell is absolutely the worst boss imaginable, but even so the relationship is tinged with love. Russell sees himself as Timmy's mentor, and even tries to offer help and unwanted advice for Timmy's romances. Timmy struggles to maintain his dignity, sometimes this is a futile struggle, but every once in a while he carves out a small victory. Sometimes this antagonistic relationship yields the fruit of comedy, but this episode was not one of those times. The Timmy/Russell story was just not very funny this time, as it was all based on the fear of flying joke, which got old the first time it was told, let alone during the countless iterations. Timmy's ploy of taking a sedative to sleep on the return voyage was unsatisfying, as the thought of sleeping near a vengeful gnome like Russell was very unsettling. No telling what pranks he would pull on the hapless, helpless Timmy. David Spade is much funnier in his soda commercial where people give him perfect straight lines for his brand of acerbic humor, but under the benificent influence of the soda water, he is feeling too warm and fuzzy to deliver the punch lines. Finally, he tells someone to hurry up, because it is starting to wear off. TV trend: shows with an East Indian character, i.e., The Office, Community, Parks & Recreation, The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, and Rules of Engagement. Oursourced kind of turns that trend on its head.

    For some reason the engaged couple, Adam and Jennifer, were left completely out of this episode. Admittedly, they are the weakest links in this chain, but it seemed very odd that they were completely left out. After all, they are engaged, and the show is not called Rules of Marriage, or Rules of Harrasing your Employee, is it? It is kind of like the Cougar Town situation where the show takes a different direction than originally intended rendering the title obsolete.

    Jeff and Audrey, however, were at their best. Jeff was after all Puddy, a classic Elaine Boyfriend character on Seinfeld, and here they borrow a bit of the 'Master of My Domain' concept. It seems that Jeff feels that instant gratification takes much too long. When Audrey cancels her plans spontaneously to take Jeff up on his offer of a night of love, it is already too late. He has taken matters into his own hands, as it were. Audrey, played by Megyn Price, has an extensive education and a long resume. She is no light weight. I also like the attention to detail that the writers provide for Jeff and Audrey. Audrey is feeling like she is being taken for granted, and part of the evidence is that Jeff is ignoring her requests to recycle. That subplot is woven into the fabric of the show nicely, as Jeff finally remembers not only to recycle, but even to rinse the cans so they will not be infested with beer rats. He does care, and those little comedic touches make me care about them as well. Now, if they could just get the Adam and Jennifer couple to work, then we would have a show.moreless
  • handy man

    Not exactly "The Contest" episode of Seinfeld, but the idea of Jeff continually doing the deed on his own was kind of amusing.

    The scenes with Audrey at work need to stop though. No one likes these female workplace scenes on CBS sitcoms. Remember Carrie on later seasons of The King of Queens? Just terrible.

    The flying stuff was okay at best, but David Spade is really starting to get annoying here. He was not making any lame sex jokes, but he somehow managed to prove to me why so many people have been hating on the guy for all of these years.moreless
  • 504

    Man, all the weak ratings on this site are really undeserved, this was a very enjoyable and funny half hour of television. I found myself laughing all the way through in this episode. Jeff taking matters in to his own hands was quite hilarious. And I didn't really miss the second couple, and now this episode shows that this show can do well without a second couple.

    The ending was absolutely hilarious, Audrey taking matters in to her own hands, wow, hilarious, also love the tie ins with the toast, great comedy here. The plot that was just okay was David Spade's character being afraid to fly and Timmy trying to comfort him.

    Other than when Timmy took the sedatives, there was nothing very funny, unless you find Timmy singing show tunes funny, I on the other hand didn't find it very funny compared to the main plot.

    Overall, great installment of The Rules of Engagement here, I feel bad that the show is getting bad ratings on this site, considering it's one of the "better" comedies on primetime.moreless

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