Rules of Engagement

Season 3 Episode 11

May Divorce Be With You

Aired Monday 8:30 PM May 13, 2009 on CBS
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Audrey invites a friend, whose marriage is falling a part, to stay with them for a few days. Russell meets a woman from New Jersey thinking that it will be easier "to love and leave her"; only her over protective family has different thoughts.

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  • Audrey feels guilty that an acquaintance of theirs from Jeff's work is getting divorced from the girl she introduced him too so she invites him to stay with them for a few days. Russell becomes a mafioso stereotype after meeting a girl and her brothers.moreless

    Enjoyable episode with a three part story. Jeff and Audrey's house guest, Russell's relationship with a girl from New Jersey, and Jennifer abusing Adam over coffee.

    The Audrey story was pretty good. In the restaurant at the beginning there were a few funny moments. When Jeff and Audrey walk in she says it reminds her of Paris. Jeff says "So we both agree it sucks." Next when they're sitting down she says he's not adventurous. As he's squeezing between the tables he exclaims, "Not adventurous, look who's dangling their junk two inches over an open flame." Later on when their house guest Steve goes to sleep on the couch Jeff says, "I'll bet you those fish killed themselves!" (Steve's fish tank had spilled killing his fish which was why he needed a place to stay while it was being cleaned up.)

    Russell goes with Jeff and Audrey to a little get together at Steve's "single" apartment in New Jersey. Russell picks up a really attractive girl in the laundry room and then skips out the next morning without calling her. Two goons (her brothers) show up at his office to put him straight. They mistake Adam for Russell and after they get corrected and are getting ready to leave one of them says to Adam, "Are you sure you're not Russell? Too bad." Russell goes to a family gathering and the next thing you know he is acting like the guys from the Goodfellas movie.

    Jennifer and Adam are at odds about the coffee pot and then the coffee press Adam bought. In the final scene to this part Russell comes in with two workers carrying this beautiful professional coffee machine and the serial number is scratched off. When naive Adam asked how will they get their warranty covered Russell points out he'll just replace the machine if it breaks. Who needs a warranty and he pinches Adams cheek.

    In the end the girl dumps Russell for acting too much like all the other guys she'd known and not enough like himself. Who knew?

    So a few memorable lines and a generally enjoyable episode. Sort of middle of the road for this show. I have seen better and worse. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • The Binghams have a house guest

    I see CBS rescheduled this episode because of Obama's speech. I would have never seen it anyway, because I was there sitting half a football field away from the President himself!!! I must say, it was a privilege to see him speak.

    Okay, that apart. Rules bonus episode of the week was another decent installment. A little less on the number of characters, this episode was still a good watch. I loved Russell's mob gig. This was the most funniest part of the episode. The others were more of a drag. Audrey thinking the house guest made a pass at her because she was hot, only to realize he actually had a weird hugging method, was too boring. Adam and Jen didn't have any mentionable tracks to really write anything about.

    Bearable episode.moreless
  • I'd avoid me too if I could.

    Rules of Engagement's special Wednesday episode that was preempted by Barack Obama's speech aired tonight. While it was a bit below average, it is still better than most of the garbage that is known as sitcoms on TV these days. I still think the show relies too much on having Russell pretend to be a player, but at least they acknowledged how ridiculous it is that such an event transpires. Tony Hale (Arrested Development, Andy Barker PI) gave a good guest performance, but I think his kind of character would fade over time. This show just does not really handle guest stars well. Remember Heather Locklear?moreless

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