Rules of Engagement

Season 2 Episode 3

Mr. Fix It

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Oct 08, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Jeff finds himself in trouble when he tries to fix an issue Audrey is having with one of their neighbours. On the other hand, Jennifer and Adam realise that sex tapes is something that "amateurs" shouldn't try ... and understand that imagination is often better than pictures !moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Potential, But It Went Too Far!

    Everything just went to far in this episode. It had potential, specificly Adam and Jennifer, but it was not reached, specificly Jeff and Audrey. Everything in this episode just went too far. It was carried to such an extent that it was not longer as funny.
  • 203

    This show is in fact getting better and this episode was a big example of that. All the episodes this season have been great and enjoyable. Rules of Engagement has possibly already found it's footing even though this show can be very cliche and generic at times, it's still a fun entertaining show.

    Do couples actually film themselves having sex? I found it very strange and very out of the blue that Jen & Adam resorted to doing that, but the events that followed after were absolutely hysterical. Audrey & Jeff's story lines continue to be extremely generic but Jeff always manages to make me laugh.

    I found myself loling at the LOL girl that Russel was seeing, it was just a very funny scene. Great episode.moreless
  • Audrey has a problem with a neighbour never saying "hi" in the elevator to her (big deal !!!) and her husband does everything he can to solve the problem, when he just should listen to her. On the other hand, Jennifer and Adam experience sex tapes !moreless

    I really likes this one, better than the previous indeed. What happened with Jennifer and Adam was funny ... not everyone looks good on a tape, and it can really be awful when you don't know what you're doing !

    However, the storyline about Audrey having a problem when the unable-to-say-hello neighbour was terrible ! How lame ! There was nothing to say about this ... but this was all the episode was about ! And Russell just doesn't get better ... his text messaging just got on my nerves and in the end, all that can be drawn from that is just that you shouldn't just meet any freak you meet on the net or through a phone chat.

    But it was a good episode anyway. Jennifer and Adam are definetely my favourite characters :)moreless
  • The best episode of the series so far.

    I got interested in this show in its first season and saw its potential. Now, I think it has reached its potential. Russel and Jeff are just comedic geniuses and they're pretty much the reason I watch this show. The rest of the cast complement them nicely. The writing in this episode was just terrific, the exchanges between Jeff and his wife Audrey were hilarious - like when she says "I can't believe afer 12 years of marriage you don't get when I'm upset" and he responds "I can't believe after 12 years of marriage you don't get that I don't get that". I don't think I got the quotes right but you get the gist.

    I love this show and I hope that CBS sticks with it for a while.moreless

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    • Goof: In the scene in the diner where Jennifer is eating a burger, Russell comes in to talk to her. She grabs a bottle of ketchup to put on her food. When she closes the bottle the camera is facing Russell and you can see her closing the bottle setting it down. When the camera shifts to face Jennifer you can see that the ketchup is back in her hand and she is closing the cap again.

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Latin America: January 28, 2008 on Sony Entertainment Television
      Czech Republic: December 4, 2010 on Barrandov