Rules of Engagement

Season 3 Episode 7

Old Timer's Day

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 20, 2009 on CBS

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  • Jeff is not getting any younger and trying to prove he isn't getting older. Audrey's not buying it. Jennifer has gone off the pill and it seems to be effecting her general mood. Adam has a strange reaction to this. Russell is his usual trouble maker.

    Show starts out with Jeff and Audrey watching a chick flick and Jeff falling asleep. He complains that he was up at 6:30. Audrey says, "I know you were up about 6:30, I just pretended to be asleep till 7:00!". Jeff says his patented, "Well played" line.

    Jeff is trying to prove he's still young. He plays softball and when he sneezes from the umpire cleaning home plate he throws his back out. I've done it. It's funny, but not when it happens to you. So we get to see some scenes of Jeff getting dirt kicked on him while he is down including a soak in Russell's jacuzzi tub.

    In the meantime, Jennifer has gone off the pill and this seems to be effecting her usually level mood. She's getting downright scary and Adam is cowering from her in general. Russell tells him to man up when Adam admits that Jennifer's actions are for some reason turning him on. When he tries this she gets a little too physical with him (which really isn't funny). I swear I thought Russell must have set up that last scene with Jeff scoring on the little dribbler in the infield. Maybe he knew someone or paid them off. Otherwise how would you explain that.

    Also I could have done without all the jacuzzi scenes at the end with Adam and then Jeff in that robe!

    Still pretty entertaining stuff. I think they really have something when they stick with Jeff and Audrey and have the other characters be ancillary to them or when Russell is the main character in the episode. It seems to work best that way. Thanks for reading...