Rules of Engagement

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 8:30 PM Feb 05, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Married couple Jeff and Audrey have just learned their next door neighbor, Jennifer, has become engaged to her boyfriend, Adam. But when Jeff tries to give Adam advice, he develops doubt about the impending engagement. Meanwhile, Jennifer fixes up Adam's best friend, Russell, because she believes the right woman could change his habit of being a serial dater. Meanwhile, Jeff inadvertently starts a fight between Audrey and himself about an old bicycle.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Started Really Good, but It Didn't End That Way

    I loved the beginning of this episode. It was funny and the personalities of the characters were introduced well. The conversation between Adam and Russell was great. But the episode fell. The stupid argument about the stupid bicycle was stupid. I hope this show improves and the episodes are more like what this episode started out as, not what it ended as.
  • It's another show on CBS about relationships, yet for my ridiculously low standards, I didn't laugh once. I feel jipped. Full Review Below.

    So, here comes a new CBS comedy, and in the day and age where the sitcom is dying a slow painful death, you can not help but know why it's happening.

    I come into this show with an open mind. The other CBS sitcoms make me laugh... heck, they're pretty good. David Spade is in it too! He was funny on that show on Comedy Central he was on, he'll probably be funny in this and the married couple were from some funny shows too, oh this show must be good!

    What a dissapointment.

    The pilot is what the stations watch when the decide to pick up a show. Why did the pick up this show? There seems to be absouloutely no chemistry between the characters, the introductions are weak, and the jokes are as old as I am. 85 dollar hand cream? Done. Why are you getting rid of my bike, I may not of used it in two years but I will someday! Done. Guy banging enough chicks to have a spasm. Done. The only original joke was about a cake plate, and sadly it just didn't click.

    The worst thing though is that none of the characters on the show, seem enthusiastic about it. There is no pop! They don't even TRY to sell their jokes. They just say them.

    Sorry David Spade, but next week I'm going to watch My Super Sweet Sixteen instead.moreless
  • Another attempt by CBS to try to get some viewers back to watching their station. They've seemed to switch to drama and action packed as of late . . . we'll have to see if their attempt works, or just blows up.moreless

    The Rules of Engagement is another attempt by CBS to get some more viewers to religiously watch their channel. Although they decided to try to put comedy and relationships together, which has never been done before, it still came out funny to me. If you're a fan of David Spade and enjoy his dry humor type stuff just as in Just Shoot me I think you'll enjoy the show. I did laugh on more than one occasion and although I probably won't watch it religiously - I did like and and will stop and watch it if nothing else is on.moreless
  • Pilot episode.

    The only reason I watched this show a couple years ago was because of Megyn Price and her outstanding work on another sitcom (better sitcom) Grounded for Life. She wasn't remotely funny here though. This show does get better later on, so you should definitely give this series the benefit of the doubt, just like I did.

    It was just this pilot was extremely weak. I didn't get to any of the characters and I hardly laughed, I may have chuckled once, but for a comedy, this show really isn't that funny. Or at least this pilot episode wasn't. This pilot just wasn't intriguing enough to urge me to tune in the following week. Jennifer comes off as somewhat annoying, David Spade's character is just downright unlikable and he is a bad unfunny carbon copy of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. Jeff & Audrey are the interesting ones, but they still remain unfunny even though they're entertaining. So not the best pilot episode. Good to know this show gets better.moreless

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