Rules of Engagement

Season 3 Episode 6

Poaching Timmy

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Apr 13, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

As Timmy grows tired of Russell's orders, Audrey hopes to steal Timmy from Russell.

Jeff tries to create how the Giants won a game and Adam tries to convince Jennifer to go camping with him.

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  • Giants game rituals.

    It may seem like overly dramatic behavior, but I know people who do exactly what Jeff did in this episode prior to football games. I once had a roommate who had Jets slippers, if you can believe it, that he wore during their games.

    Getting back on topic, this episode definitely had some truly funny moments, but it was not nearly as good as the past few weeks of Rules of Engagement. A lot of the jokes fell flat, and while the parody of an affair between Timothy and Audrey was comical, its execution was pretty weak.

    Oliver Hudson was good though, and its clear that his character Adam is influenced by Eric Foreman of That 70's Show. But hey, there are worse characters out there to be based on.moreless
  • Audrey tries to recruit Timmy. Jeff prepares for a Giants game. Adam and Jen camp on the roof.

    Barring a few dull sequences involving Adam and Jen, this episode was just perfect.

    In this episode, we saw a new connection between Audrey and Timmy. Timmy has blended very well into the show, and I would love to see him become a regular. The concept of using an implied and an actual storyline has been used in about a million shows. The dialogues will give you idea that Timmy and Audrey are having an affair, but we all know for sure that isn't and that's was makes it funny. Though its cliche, we can't deny the fact we enjoyed it.

    It's a well known fact that Adam and Jen can't pull off a standalone storyline. They are not a funny couple like Audrey and Jeff. But they do complement the latter, and together they produce some good comedy. We don't see a lot of Jeff and Russell, but for the little time they were on air, they kicked ass.moreless
  • Audrey is getting sick of her assistant Tanya not assisting her. Timmy is getting sick of the way Russell treats him. Jeff is trying to recreate his game watching experience to ensure the right results. Adam wants to go camping and Jennifer doesn't.moreless

    The innuendo in this episode was really thick. If you didn't know better you'd think Audrey and Timmy were cheating on their spouses. Of course they were hitting you over the head with this the whole time. It was cute anyways. We've seen Russell's bit and how he treats Timmy. Enter Tanya the classic assistant who doesn't do anything she is asked to and when she does its a year too late. It seems Timmy and Audrey are made for one another. Alas, it is not too be.

    Jeff's game preparations were pretty standard stuff. I myself have been guilty of such things at one time or another. I think most people have been guilty of this even if its as simple as sitting in the same place for a little longer than we want too or something as totally stupid as that. I think it's human nature. Ordering the meatball sandwich from the Chinese restaurant was very humorous.

    The camping bit was not that funny. I find Adam and Jennifer to be more of a foil or sidekick to Jeff/Audrey or Russell in most episodes. They are more there for Jeff to do something insane or Russell to say something stupid for example.

    There is nice chemistry between the five main characters though and it is why I watch the show.

    Thanks for reading...moreless

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