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  • there is no rules that this show portrais

    very useless show the canned laughter is very distracting and does not follow the different lines it is hard to under stand that this show is still aired as it flies from one subject to another not very well put together it does not make sense that this show is still running
  • why would they cancel this show

    It was very very funny . Looked forward to it...
  • This show!

    I'm a big fan of FRIENDS and Seinfeld, and i love Supernatural and those shows are best of the best but i can really say Rules can actually compete with FRIENDS and Seinfeld on humurous part, i mean this show is so funny and the cast is AMAZING! You have everything in it, from a sleezy Russel to a "cares about nothing Jeff". I was really sad when i found out that this great show which i've been watching for the 3rd time got canceled. I can't think about what they could have done to make this series suck, you just cant ruin it beacuase its that good. That is my honest opinion and this day is one of my worst since i just realized that show got canceled after 7th season.
  • Gotta love this comedy

    My favourite has to be Timmy, his accent and his jokes :)
  • Best comedy on TV bar none

    The amount of times I can watch this show over and over seems limitless. One of my favourite scenes was when Adam finally watched The Godfather part 2 and comes into the diner to tell Jeff. After he tries to impress Jeff telling him he's also watched part 3 the retort "your dead to me" was magic.
  • I used to HATE this well, things change!

    Before you truly watch this show, or if you watch maybe just one or two episodes, you find so many things to hate about it. Like Jeff. But keep watching. And you'll learn to love this show, and Jeff becomes one of the funniest characters on television today.

    I know so many who hate Rules of Engagement, but I also know that they gave up on this show way too early. This is one of the few laugh-out-loud shows out there, and I'm sorry but anyone who still laughs at Two And a Half Men needs medical attention.
  • Very few comedies are in the same league

    Big Bang is funny but this show is laugh out loud funny. This is as bad as Charlie Sheen leaving Two and a Half Men and yet now that that show is unwatchable they still continue making it. Stunningly bad choice by the producers to cancel the show.
  • This is a great show,i dont know why it got cancelled

    Clever show and really funny!!
  • Funniest show since Two and a Half Men with Charlie Sheen

    This is the funniest show. I laugh every show and these characters. All of them are sooo funny. Hope is never goes off the air. Brilliant writing. They should advertise more.
  • Charming and fun-to-watch show!

    This show is great! All the characters are funny and have great chemistry! Favorite characters Jef and Jennifer
  • Love this show!

    Timmy is my favorite although I would never be able to work for Mr. Dunbar! Jeff and Audrey are so cute and so entertaining to watch and laugh with. Adam has to be the luckiest man alive to be able to keep Jennifer. Can't wait for Season 7!
  • favorite show!

    i can watch and re-watch this show forever! Jeff is hilarious
  • Love the show

    absolutely adore this show, It's very hard to get the dvd's in european format luckily there is always youtube, looking forward to season 7



  • So funny!

    I absolutely love this show. I think it's an ideal set-up and the balance of characters is spot on. I've seen a lot of negative reviews but can't understand why some people dislike it so much. I don't think there's been an un-funny episode yet and I really hope they can keep on making us laugh. Personally I like David Spade and think that he is one of the selling points of the show, as is Patrick Warburton. Love them both! Looking forward to the new season! :)
  • Great show

    Very funny. One of the best sitcoms since the old Two & a Half Men.
  • Rules RULEZ!!

    Please please please continue with this serie.

    It's about the funniest and most entertaining series I've watched for quite som time.

    I agree with xLegacy, everybody is funny in their own way.

    I hope we get to se more of Brenda, and after the kid is born.

  • So funny it should be illegal

    This show is absolutely hilarious! Every character is funny in their own way. Good thing they brought it back. A pure comedy spectacular. Love Jeff's monotonous humour and Russell's kiddish personality is pretty funny. Good to hear its back, and let's hope it stays!
  • Timmy is brilliant!!

    Adhir Kalyan (Timmy) brings wonderful talent and humor to the show and Spade has always been funny. Hudsons' character went from naive (that was funny at times) to being stupid. Americans don't HAVE to have the "dumbing down" comedic lines for a show to be a hit. ROE could be a 10 with a little tweaking.
  • Getting less watchable all the time.

    This used to be one of my favorite shows, but they continue to make Adam dumber and dumber. It is just not funny. And Timmy is great, but having the David Spade character constantly torture him is beyond getting old. If they would concentrate more on Jeff and Audrey, maybe this show could return to its glory days.
  • Is CBS on drugs?

    "Rules of Engagement" is one the best tv shows ever!!!! Why would CBS even consider to cancel this show? I'll be SOOO disappointed if it does. By the way Jeff (Patrick Warburton) rules!!!!
  • One of the funniest shows on TV

    I absolutely LOVE ROE. I laugh every time I watch it. The cast is amazing and the writing is extraordinary. Why would anyone want to cancel this???
  • Please dont cancel my show!!!!!!!

    Thank you!
  • What's wrong with CBS???

    What is it with CBS that they always manage to muck things up? They did it with Two and a Half Men and now they're doing the same thing with RoE. Replacing RoE with Rob! is more than questionable, it's downright stupid. Seriously, Rob Schneider? He's never been funny. I've seen about ten movies with Schneider and he's never made me laugh. Bring RoE back!
  • loved this show

    why is this show not on tv anymore, great cast and funny show is it ever going to come back on if so when????
  • rules

    Love this show. Can't believe it would go off. It's a hit.
  • This show was about average when it first start but has improved a lot in the second series

    When Rules of Engagement first started it was about average, it was watchable but didn't blow you away, since Timmy joined the cast the show is kinda funny and the characters are starting to evolve. David Spade has more of a part and his relationship with Adhir Kalyan is hilarious and probably the best pairing. I not sure how long this programme will last and which direction the writers will develop the programme but they have made a massive improvement since the first series and slowly developing all the characters that even Oliver Hudson and Patrick Warburton make you laugh in some episodes of the second series.
  • A great show about couples in different stages of relationship. It's a "hit" sit-com.

    This show is top of our viewing list! It's so nice to see a show that doesn't rely on shock violence, gore, bad language or sex to be interesting. I do watch Fringe, Bones, House so I am not criticising them. But this is right up there with Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother as far as classy, clean sit-coms today. If you like those sit-coms, check this one out. Russell is a single guy who womanizes and has one-night flings (reminds me of Barney from How I met Your Mother). Adam and Jen are a fairly new couple, in a new romance that led to engagement very shortly after meeting; and Audrey and Jeff (The real hits of the show) are married and settled 14 yrs now.

    Try it out a couple times. You won't be disappointed and you won't be afraid of your kids walking in and seeing something inappropriate.
  • A genuinely funny and realistic and creative, show that deserves more of a rating. Rated 10/10(perfect) as its average rating should be higher. But its really actually around 8 or 9 out of 10.

    I think its a great show, that somehow, through every episode, makes me and a lot of other people actually laugh out loud.

    I think the rating for this show is low (even though the views are high), because people don't consider its humor, and make direct comparisons to shows like Seinfeld, and Friends. Not even the creators of Seinfeld and Friends can make another show like Friends, so I think it's a problem with the negative critics inconsideration to difference. It's like what critics who liked older comedies like "I dream of Jeanne" would have felt about Friends or Seinfeld.

    But as a sitcom that is still running, Rules of Engagement is high up there. And the people who usually negatively critique the show are very inconsiderate of the show's worth to its audience as well, as the big picture the show exhibits.

    I think Rules of Engagement serves its role as a sitcom, while still creating excitement, by adding that extra something that we all love. I actually consider Rules of Engagement as a meaningful, advisable show that creates genuine situations that we can relate to, and that truly make us laugh, - unlike many other shows that are in production.
  • My favorite show! I just ordered ALL the DVD's from I am hard to please, comedy-wise. It takes a lot for me to laugh. I literally guffaw during this show. Great writers, great delivery! Excellent!

    My favorite show! I just ordered ALL the DVD's from

    For those of you "not-liking" David Spade, he is only 1/6 of a 6-person cast. Each character is unique and interesting. I love when they bring in the outside characters, too (parents, etc.) I am hard to please, comedy-wise. It takes a lot for me to laugh. I literally guffaw during this show.

    It seems they have made Adam dumber as the years have gone on. It does make it funny, though. If you are a fan of one-liners back-to-back you'll love this.

    Favorite quote: "You look like Charlize Theron...(pause) Monster."

    Great writers, great delivery! Excellent!
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