Rules of Engagement - Season 2

CBS (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Pimp My Bride
    Episode 15
    Russell tries another approach to get the girl. Will using his apartment for a photo shoot seal the deal? Also Adam and Jennifer have a wedding date picked.
  • Buyer's Remorse
    Episode 14
    Adam and Jennifer become aware of an apartment in the building that they can buy. Jeff and Audrey agree to support them to the board, only they both have run ins with a board member. Jeff has found it increasingly difficult not to purchase items from the children of his co-workers. Kerry, one of Russell's one niters begins working at their favorite diner.moreless
  • 5/5/08
    Russell's father, who is also is his boss, comes for a visit and appears to like Adam more than Russell. He asks Adam to appear in a promotional video as his son, Russell.

    When Jen and Adam bust the sink in the bathroom, Audrey offers them the use of her bathroom. Audrey becomes frustrated with Jen and Adam's messiness and Jeff tries to get Audrey to talk to them about it.moreless
  • Optimal Male
    Episode 12
    Jeff becomes obsessed to lose a few pounds so he can qualify for a better rate on his life insurance. Adam happens to see an ex-girlfriend, Jennifer becomes very jealous.
  • Jen at Work
    Episode 11
    Adam wants Russell to agree to hire Jen to design an ad campaign for one of their clients. He will not listen to Russell and Jeff when they tell him that this is not a good idea. When Audrey shares the fertility issues with Jen, she gives them a gift to help bring them luck.moreless
  • Time Share
    Episode 10
    Jennifer and Adam decide to go on a trip with Jeff and Audrey but may have wished they had stayed home when they find out the reason they took the trip.
  • A Visit from Fay
    Episode 9
    When Adam’s mother comes for a visit, Jennifer is in for the surprise of her life. She learns things about her soon to be mother in law that concerns her. Jeff and Audrey must find other ways to entertain themselves when the satellite goes out and they have nothing to watch on TV.moreless
  • Fix-up & Downs
    Episode 8
    Audrey and Jennifer decide to do some match making, yet the effects hit closer to home when Adam and Jeff get involved. Russell runs into a woman in Adam and Jeff's building and decides he is in love with her. He spends a lot of time hanging around the building trying to run into her again.moreless
  • Engagement Party
    Episode 7
    Jennifer and Adam decide to let Audrey give them an Engagement party so they can get new items for their home. Only things get much more complicated when Jeff finds out. Barbara returns to town with news that could make Russell very happy.
  • Old School Jeff
    Episode 6
    Jeff has a rare opportunity to have a night with the guys rather than go to a wedding. Will Audrey’s fear about Jeff come true?
  • Bag Ladies
    Episode 5
    Jeff wants to spice up his sex life with Audrey. Russell has a new girl he is dating and knows nothing about. Jennifer buys Adam a present that causes him a lot of embarrassment with the guys.
  • Guy Code
    Episode 4
    Audrey gets a lesson about the 'guy code' when Jeff shares a secret about a new friend.
  • Mr. Fix It
    Episode 3
    Jeff finds himself in trouble when he tries to fix an issue Audrey is having with one of their neighbours. On the other hand, Jennifer and Adam realise that sex tapes is something that "amateurs" shouldn't try ... and understand that imagination is often better than pictures !
  • Audrey's Sister
    Episode 2
    With Audrey's sister, Barbara, having problems in her marriage, the only thing she doesn't need is a man who would trick her to try and get her to sleep with him. But, sadly, in Audrey's life there is a man just like this. During this episode, Russell will try everything to get a one night stand with Audrey's sister.moreless
  • Flirting
    Episode 1
    Jeff's snoring has gotten out of hands. Audrey, who isn't able to sleep anymore, decides that she and Jeff should sleep in separate bedrooms. While this could seems like a bad situation for some, other like Jeff see the good side of it. Jeff takes advantage of his new found freedom by staying up too late and living like a college student.moreless