Rules of Engagement

Season 3 Episode 13

Sex Toy Story

Aired Monday 8:30 PM May 18, 2009 on CBS

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  • Jennifer has a sex toy party and Audrey attends. Russell pretends to be married to pick up a girl he overheard say she likes married men. Jeff and Adam get a little weirded out about the party and want to know what the girls bought.

    An OK episode. Sort of weak for a season finale but then again I am not sure they were even sure when they order these shows that they were going to have another season. As it turns out this show may have some legs.

    One of the funnier scenes was the night after the party when Jeff comes home and finds a blue bag on the living room table. He picks it up and it starts vibrating. The front door bell rings and he hides the bag behind a pillow. It's Adam and they get into a discussion about the party. Jeff sits down on the couch and a vibrating sound starts. Adam asks what that is and Jeff says, "It's my phone. I leave it on ringing. Get out!" Russell is his usual annoying self following everyone around trying to find out how to act married. Of course as it usually does this backfires big time for Russell in the end.

    Again, not a bad episode, just not a season finale. As listed this is episode 12, but played after episode 13 on the same night. Thanks for reading...