Rules of Engagement

Season 4 Episode 2

Snoozin for a Bruisin'

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Mar 08, 2010 on CBS

Episode Recap

The alarm clock goes off at 6:30 and Jeff's hand hits the snooze button. The alarm continues to go off every ten minutes and Jeff continues to hit the snooze button, Audrey is getting annoyed. At 7:20, Jeff pops out of bed stating he is refreshed as Audrey drags herself out of bed.

Later, Adam, Jennifer, Audrey, Jeff and Russell are at the diner. Jen is talking about losing her cat, Sprinkles. Jeff and Audrey start talking about the alarm and snooze button issues. Audrey states that she would like Jeff to just set the alarm for the time he needs to get up and Jeff notes that he wouldn't get this "extra" sleep. Jen and Adam share that they do not have sides of their bed, where ever they lay down they sleep. Jeff finds this behavior to be odd asking, "What are you animals?" Adam reports that they sleep naked too. Jeff has issues with this noting that their sheets are a giant pair of underpants. Audrey leaves telling Jeff that this discussion is not over. The waitress comes up delivers their lunch and Adam's burger is undercooked. He refuses to tell the waitress and Jen notes that he doesn't want people to be mad at him or not like him. Jeff states that it happens anyway.

Russell is at his office and notices a long line forming at the building across the street and questions Timmy about it. Timmy explains that a new phone is being released and they are standing in line to get these phones. Russell tells Timmy he wants him to go over and get in line to get him the new phone. Timmy explains that his uncle is in town and Russell tells him to go over there & stand in line. Timmy starts saying, "But..but..but". Russell interrupts asking him, "What are butts for?" Timmy drops his head and responds, "Butts are for pooping" as he leaves the office.

That evening, Audrey want to try the idea of sleeping on the opposite side of the bed and Jeff expresses that he does not think this is a good idea. Jen and Adam are watching a movie and loud music from the upstairs. Adam states he should go upstairs and Jen tells him that it wouldn't do any good, since he won't confront people. Adam takes off his moisturizing gloves and head out the door. In the line outside the phone place, several assistants are complaining about their bosses as Timmy walks up. Adam knocks on the door of the neighbor's apartment. Frank answers and Adam tells him how good he thinks his music is, but it is a little loud. He explains that his lady is being disturbed by the music and Frank agrees to unplug and they bond briefly about "Psycho girlfriends". Timmy is sharing his experiences and one of the other assistants states, "That's not so bad". Timmy responds that was only my first day. Adam comes back downstairs and Jen is impressed. The next morning the alarm goes off and Jeff rolls to hit the snooze button and instead his Audrey in the face.

Audrey is sitting n a hospital bed with an eye patch. The doctor is telling her that she needs to wear the patch for several days because the cornea needs to heal and gives her pain medications. After the doctor leaves, Jeff starts making pirate jokes. A nurse walks into the other side of the room as Audrey and Jeff are discussing what happened. Jeff tells Audrey that it is not his fault and she tells him that she should have known better. The nurse is very upset over the conversation and leaves the room. Jeff comes back a little later and Audrey's pain medications have taken effect. He has a bowl of Jell-O and offers Audrey some, she turns him down. He begins eating the Jell-O and tells Audrey that he was the one that called all her credit cards in as stolen when she went to Cancun, so she did not spend too much money. A man and a woman enter the room and the gentlemen states he needs Jeff to fill out paperwork, as he takes him out of the room. The woman introduces herself as Wendy, the hospital social worker. She begins asking Audrey questions about what happened, assuring her that this is a safe place. Audrey, who is under the effects of the pain medications, tells Wendy that it is all her fault and she should have kept her mouth shut & stayed on her side of the bed. Wendy re-assures Audrey that she no longer has to worry about Jeff and leaves the room. Wendy and the gentlemen approach Jeff to ask him a few questions.

Timmy has finished telling his story of his life with Russell and one of the other assistants states that he does not believe him. Russell walks up carrying a coffee cup and hands it to Timmy, stating he was worried about him. The one guy looks at Timmy and Timmy turns to him, "Just wait". Russell explains that he can't leave the line, so the cup is for him to pee in. Russell turns to walk away and sees a food looking female in line who he flirts with as he walks pass her. All the assistants turn to Timmy and hug him.

Jen is home and hears the loud music, so she heads upstairs. She knocks on the door and begins to yell at Frank. He opens the door more, Jen sees Adam is on the guitar playing and she leaves. Adam looks at Frank and states he is really screwed, as Frank comments about "Psycho girlfriends". Jen returns in the doorway and shakes her head before leaving again. Adam states, "I am really screwed".

Jeff walks into their bedroom and thanks Audrey for not pressing charges against him. Jeff states that the misconception went on so long due to the pain killers she was on. Audrey tells him, "Sure, that was it", as Jeff notes that they locked him up and Audrey notes that it was in the nurses break room. He tells her that they fingerprinted him and Audrey tells him he needs to wash his hands, she does not want ink on her boobs. They decide they are not going to change sides of the bed again. Jeff walks out of the bathroom, wearing his robe and tells Audrey there is something else he would like to try. He takes off his robe, he is naked and Audrey asks him to take out her other eye.

The next day, Timmy finds Russell & Jeff at the diner and he gives Russell his new phone. Russell looks at the phone and tells Timmy he wanted it in red. Timmy drops his head and begins walking out. Russell calls him back to the table and hands him a cup, 'Don't forget the bathroom".
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