Rules of Engagement

Season 3 Episode 9

The Challenge

Aired Monday 8:30 PM May 04, 2009 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Is it easier to have a woman Single, Married, or Engaged? Russell tests Jeff and Adam to find out.

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  • Far From the Best

    A sex contest? Really? I have come to expect so much more from this show and this episode made me wonder if the writers took the week off and had a bunch of high school boys fill in.
  • Classic episode.

    If Rules of Engagement goes on to be renewed for another season this episode could be traced back to the point where the show found its footing and really broke out. Seinfeld's unprecedented rise into mainstream popularity can be attributed to "The Contest" and this was almost exactly similar in premise. Writer Vanessa McCarthy really did a great job with this script.

    The episode did have some of the generic marriage jokes that I think we have all grown tired of, but there were very few points where the viewer was not laughing. This was definitely a great episode of Rules.moreless
  • Russell, Adam, and Jeff are sitting at the dinner when Timmy comes in and the subject turns to getting lucky. Russell intimates that he's the only one who can have sex when he wants too. A challenge ensues to see who can complete the deed that night.moreless

    Russell is hampered in that he can't lie to get a girl to go to bed and Timmy is their to watch him.

    Jeff gets frisky with Audrey but a mouse interrupts them and she can't do anything until Jeff catches it.

    Adam goes home to Jennifer and gets all excited when he hears she is in bed already. Unfortunately she is very sick. Like 102 degree sick with the flu.

    None of this stops our boys. Russell is out there trying his best one after another girl is approached and dumps him. Jeff must catch the mouse. When he finally does Audrey insists they release it in the park. Adam bound and determined to get some goes to the drug store and buys all the "fast acting" drugs on the market. It is now getting close to twelve midnight deadline.

    Russell is about to get lucky when another girl hits his arm while he is celebrating drinking a beer knocking his front teeth out of alignment. The girl who agreed to take him home comes back, sees him, and runs away as fast as she can. Adam gives Jennifer some medicine and then asks if she feels better yet? After a short while it seems she does but then she falls over asleep dead to the world leaving Adam frustrated.

    Jeff is taking the mouse to the park and after he releases it he realizes its quarter to twelve. He gets Audrey to go behind a tree and of course a cop walks up right while they are doing the deed.

    Later we see the boys sitting at the diner. Adam admits he didn't succeed. Russell lies about his situation and Timmy is not there to deny it. Jeff shows them the lewd behavior in public citation as proof. So really when all is said and done only the old married guy was successful. Funny enough episode. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • The guys draft a challenge to see if they can get laid whenever they want to..

    Not one of the best episode of Rules, but had some cheesy one liners that saved the day.

    I am huge fan of Pat Warburton, and I absolutely love the attitude he carries with him. But over the last few episodes, he has portraying himself as someone who wants to fit in with the likes of Russell and Adam. The good part about this episode has been the return of Timmy. Even though I don't see him as recurring character on the longer run, he sure does add some funny moments with his sarcastic tone. Not a lot of mentionable sequences for Audrey and Jen, but they had to be there for the heck of it.

    A low for a decent show.moreless

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