Rules of Engagement

Season 5 Episode 13

The Home Stretch

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 03, 2011 on CBS
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Jeff loves Audrey's sensual behavior following pilates sessions, but worries when he meets her instructor. Jennifer learns Adam's "football days" were actually spent cheerleading. Russell and Timmy spar over a waitress at the diner.

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  • 1/3

    The first Rules of Engagement of the new year, and it was kind of funny, a bit of a step up from the last few editions, but the show has cooled down a bit from the strong quality it had during last season.

    The Adam cheerleading thing was a little bit over the top, but I would be lying if I said that it was not pretty funny. Oliver Hudson does a good job being the proverbial punching bag in Adam on the show, and this just continued that.

    The Jeff and Audrey thing was a little too generic for my taste though. And don't even get me started with how they butchered the Russell and Timmy characters.moreless
  • 513

    Awesome installment of Rules of Engagement tonight and it was just loads better than the last couple episodes. Rules of Engagement is back, figuratively and literally. Jeff & Audrey's plot might be over used on sitcoms, but it was still absolutely hysterical. I loved how they envisioned other people, when they were about to have sex in the end of the episode.

    Another thing that was great was the fantastic cold opening with Timmy & Russel racing to get to the diner for a waitress. The funniest plot was Adam & Jen's surprisingly. Since they play off as the "weak" couple at times, but Adam as a cheerleader was hilarious, and Jen's reaction to it wasn't awful.

    Just a great episode of Rules of Engagement, hopefully they keep it up, and continue to bring us all some genuine laughs on Monday night.moreless
  • It's a good comeback from their Christmas holiday break.

    Rules of Engagement had its break for Christmas, and it's been a good episode and a good follow up to their 'Little Bummer Boy' Christmas special...

    I've noticed how we can relate to Jeff not 'getting any' from Audrey after a long time, - it was like the writers knew how we fans felt about their little Christmas/2011 New years break. :D But metaphors aside, I thought Russel and Timmy 'going after the same girl' situation had some memorable lines in their. And I found the 'Adam being a cheerleader' story entertaining as well, I liked Jennifer's reaction to it all, and the cheer Adam did at the end, - it was unexpectedly awkward, - which is why it was hell funny. :). I also liked how Jeff, Russel and Timmy couldn't go forward with teasing Adam as he was so upfront and uncaring about him being a former High School Cheerleader. But Jennifer was humiliated by him being a former Cheerleader, and was anxious and scared by what they would say. So they played on her anxiety and humiliation instead. I thought it was funny, and meaningfully true in a way. Like the lessons they teach you about bullying in school. I like how this show doesn't have to state advice clearly and obviously through narrative, like in How I met your mother or Modern Family, it's like encoded in the dialogue, and you'd have to be a fan to find them. :Dmoreless

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    • Jennifer: Hold on, there was a lot of information there. You're saying that you were on the cheerleading squad?
      Adam: Yes!
      Jennifer: But you were a football player.
      Adam: No!
      Jennifer: But you said you never missed a game!
      Adam: I didn't.
      Jennifer: But you said your bad knee was a football injury.
      Adam: It was. Honey, a couple of players tumbled out of bounds and knocked over our pyramid. God!
      Jennifer: Oh, God! Wha... But you said that without you, your team wouldn't have won state.
      Adam: Well, that I firmly believe. (finds paper in his pocket) Wait a minute. What's this?
      Jennifer: A note saying this is all a bad joke?
      Adam: Oh, man, this is my old cheat-sheet. I could never remember how to spell "aggressive".

      Adam (in cheer):
      We're Pirates, not sailors,
      But Pirates, but Pirates,
      There's no need to remind us,
      The football team's behind us.

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