Rules of Engagement

Season 5 Episode 14

Uh-Oh It's Magic

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Jan 17, 2011 on CBS

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  • No mannequin head-ball. But it had some good lines, and the Chris-Angel and Russel interactions were good.

    I didn't think it measured to the greatest of episodes aired in this season so far.. - The intro jokes weren't all that great, there was a line or two by Russel that were funny, but it seemed a bit rushed and expected at first.

    But later on, it get's funnier, especially when Adam fixes the shower by himself out of wanting to be 'manly', - then he gets hit unconscious by the shower head shooting off while he starts to have a shower. They could have played on this a bit more, 'cause I thought there was a lot of time wasted on the surrogate thing which wasn't all that funny or meaningful, that could have been down-played a bit more.

    I liked how they had Russel and Criss Angel in a scene together, - they could have made this longer and played on more lines like the "oh you're chewing a thread, oh.. how does he do it folks?" that Russel said in reply to Criss Angel putting a thread in his mouth, then pulling it out of his eye(he said that before he pulled it out of his eye, in case you were wondering).

    I'd say it would have been better if they had taken the opportunity to make the Criss Angel and Russel interactions, substitute the Timmy and Russel interactions which weren't as prominent throughout the episode. And I'd think it would have been better if they had down-played the surrogate thing, and emphasized the shower fixing comedy, and maybe even the Timmy babysitting thing which they could have made gold, - but they only mentioned it.