Rumbling Hearts

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5- Lead Astray

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 2003 on Chiba TV



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    • Shinji: (Concerned) It's been a year since it happened. You're always helping him out. He'll grow accustomed to your help, and won't be able to do anything for himself. It'd be better if you left him alone for a while. He's also an adult, now! Suzumiya's accident wasn't your fault.
      Mitsuki: (Under her breath) It was my fault...

    • Haruka's Father: Narumi... We understand very well how much you care about Haruka. But... honestly, it hurts us to look at you. I'm sorry, but please do not come see Haruka anymore. Please understand, this is for your sake. Please, Narumi, don't come visit my daughter anymore.

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