Rumbling Hearts

Chiba TV (ended 2004)


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  • A story about love, hate, jealousy and friendship.

    This has to be one of the saddest shows ever, the last episode was so incredibly sad. The show is perfect in all the ways. Solid plot. Solid and deep characters. Great music. As all ways the English dub was horrible. Another great thing about this show is that there are somethings that you won't recognize if you don't look for em or re-watch the whole series, like that Haruka's little sister Akane probably had a crush on Takayuki, that's only of the things that's easy to miss.

    Another great thing is that this is not only a tearjerker, it also has comedy, either if it's in the form of Akane or the two waitresses at Takayuki's work. This show is a must see for every one, i can't think of any one who likes anime that would dislike this masterpiece!
  • This realist, tragic anime was great. 3 highschoolers form a love triangle. 1 falls into a 3 year coma after a car accident. Unaware of the passage of time, she doesn't realize how much has changed, or that her best friend and boyfriend had become lovers.

    Why did I buy this anime on impulse? Why did I sit through it? I have heard the term 'Japanese chick anime'; if that is an accurate term, it applies to this show. After more tears than a reasonable man should spill, and after hidding my face behind a pillow at the chaotic melstrom of fear, grief, dispaire, betrayal, blaming, denial, hopeless love, and entropic self abuse of the main characters, I was able to make through this show without succuming to a deep depression. The truth is that, while none of the above is even the slightest exaggeration, this anime was fantastic.

    Here's a brief synopsis: Three highschoolers share something of a love triangle. Haruka and Mitsuki are the too girls, brest friends, who have a crush on Takayuki...Haruka openly and Mitsuki secretly. Haruka is too shy to talk to Takayuki, so Mitsuki sets them up. Haruka and Takayuki start dating and fall into a puppy-love. Haruka is hit by a car and falls into a coma. She awakes three years later. In the interm, Takayuki and Mitsuki comforted each other and, in time, came to love each other deeply. Despite their love, both are young and harbor feelings of guilt, shame, and betrayal, and neither has the ability to fulfill the other. When Haruka awakens, she is unaware of how much time has passed and how much her world has changed. Takayuki is torn between his love for Mitsuki and feelings of responsibility for Haruka. Everybody lies to each other, everbody feels resentment, everbody feels betrayed. Wow, can the totality of highschool be any more accurately portrayed than this?? Oh, yeah, there's a peripheral character named Shinji who is a complete spelunker. The story line is straight forward. Literary devices are sparingly used...only fashback is regularly employed. Internal monologue furthers the storyline, but dialogue is the primary plot and subplot engine.
  • A depressing anime.

    Quite a depressing show, that had me almost want to cry. The storyline is well built, and the character development is ace. I love the opening theme too. This will truly juggle your emotions around. As you experience sadness from the true story, and laughter from the comedy of the sub story and the restaurant where Takayuki works at. Not only that, but unlike many other love triangle animes, Takayuki does choose. Not only that, but this choice will have you feeling sad for either Mitsuki or Haruka, but I'll let you watch the anime and find out. Overall, this anime is quite depressing so if you enjoy happy animes such as Fruits Basket, steer clear of this, otherwise, give it a try.
  • This show is awsome although it did disappoint me toward the end.But still this show is awsome.

    This is basicly about 4 friends.An basic love story Mitsuki hooks Haruka with Takayuki.Because she knew that Haruka liked Takayuki.Actucally secretly Mitsuki likes him.While Haruka falls in an coma.Mitsuki and Takayuki,became close and end up going together.When Haruka wake up they decided that they wont say that they are together not until Haruka,was strong enough.This anime is awsome.I mean the first episode was the only one that got my interest.Than later on it sorta disappoint me.Toward the end also.I am Takayuki and Haruka pairing fan.I thought that they would be together at the end.I guess not.Mitsuki isn't an bad person.It just that she was just helping Takayuki,coping the pain he was suffering.Even though she had throw her dreams away for him.She knew that Haruka liked Takayuki.The truth is that she didn't really ment to take him away liked that.This anime is Misuki verison so she liked heroine in this anime.

    This is an great anime altough the dubbing voices are alright.I prefer the jap.Don't forget the OVA is coming this month.
  • A very tangled love triangle that involves a lot of hardship due to the close relationship that they have with each other.

    In the first place, Takayuki does not seem to even love Haruka or he would not just switch to Mitsuki after Haruka went into a coma because of waiting for him at the location. This love triangle is worse when Haruka wakes up and they have to lie to her about the fact of her being in the coma for 3 years. The reason was that they were afraid that she could not take the trauma. She was smart enough to figure that there was something wrong because of her long hair and her bony fingers. Akane gets tired of lying and tells her the truth leading back into the trauma which was caused by her accident.