Rumbling Hearts

Season 1 Episode 13

Episode 13 - The Past Will Catch Up

Full Episode: Episode 13 - The Past Will Catch Up


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Haruka has awakened, but she knows that time has passed, and the doctors and family aren't pretending anymore. She asks Takayuki if he is seeing anyone, but Takayuki replies he isn't (considering he and Mitsuki had just broken up). Haruka asks Akane to find Mitsuki, and she obliges. While Takayuki talks with his boss and Mr. Ito about his career, Mitsuki tells Haruka about her developed relationship and breakup with Takayuki. Later on, Takayuki bumps into the pink-haired nurse, and after a café chat, decides he can't run away from his problems. He returns to the hospital, where Haruka is doing her physical therapy with stronger determination. Later, Akane tells Takayuki that Mitsuki visited, but after overhearing Haruka complaining about her legs, he flees again, but stops and returns.moreless
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