Rumpole of the Bailey - Season 1

ITV (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • Rumpole and the Heavy Brigade

    Rumpole is busy defending the youngest son of a family of villains on a murder charge. His client has all the evidence stacked against him, but meanwhile it is Rumpole's battered old bowler which is becoming the focus of bemused attention in chambers and beyond

    Hilda has made up her mind that Rumpole is to take her to the Scales of Justice Ball. Perhaps a new hat and an acquittal at the Old Bailey will get him in the mood for dancing?


  • Rumpole and the Learned Friends
    Guthrie Featherstone, with Rumpole as his junior, defends a safe-cracker who claims to have been framed by the notorious Inspector "Dirty" Dickerson. Rumpole risks his reputation by attacking police corruption before a police-friendly judge - and as a result he finds himself called to a disciplinary hearing. There is even the possibility that Rumpole may be forced to retire, but he digs his toes in.moreless
  • Rumpole and the Married Lady

    Rumpole represents the wife, Mrs Thripp, in a divorce case where the couple only communicate by leaving each other notes. Hilda is upset by Mrs Thripp's constant phone calls to Rumpole at home. Rumpole helps Phyllida Trant as she tries to become accustomed to bar practice.

  • Rumpole and the Honourable Member

    Rumpole defends Ken Aspen, a politician accused of raping a party worker. The defendant admits there was intercourse but claims it was consensual, and Rumpole believes he has found a strong line of defence. Meanwhile, Rumpole's favourite clerk has been accused of stealing from the petty cash at Number 3, Equity Court…

  • Rumpole and the Alternative Society
    Rumpole is in the west of England to defend Kathy Trelawney, who is charged with selling cannabis to a police agent provocateur. He also looks up an old friend from his time in the Royal Air Force, Sam 'Three Fingers' Dogherty.
  • Rumpole and the Younger Generation
    Rumpole is busy in the Old Bailey defending young Jim Timson, who has been grassed up for armed robbery by 'Peanuts' Molloy - one of a rival gang of East End villains with whom the Timsons have an age-old feud. For more, see Recap.