Rumpole of the Bailey - Season 2

ITV (ended 1992)




Episode Guide

  • Rumpole's Return
    Rumpole's Return
    Episode 7
    Retirement on the hottest coast of the Former Colonies, at Hilda's behest, is not proving to be Rumpole's cup of tea or his glass of Pommeroy's. Lying on a Florida beach ogling the girls is getting to be a bore, and then the chance of a murder case in London turning on bloodstains (Rumpole's favourite kind) comes up, and the game's afoot. The old boy finds he has to inveigle himself back into his old Chambers in Equity Court (which are getting along very comfortably without him) while at the same time dealing with a dangerous cult, but he feels he's home. Now what does the future hold?moreless
  • Rumpole and the Age for Retirement
    Rumpole defends Percy Timson, a receiver of stolen property who has been framed for the theft of an important painting which is out of his league. Meanwhile, Rumpole's wife and son Nick (who is now a college lecturer in the US) are making plans for Rumpole's retirement in the very near future - to a restful existence in Maryland.moreless
  • Rumpole and the Course of True Love

    Rumpole defends a flamboyanty romantic young schoolteacher who is accused of seducing a pupil.

    Meanwhile, Rumpole's colleague in chambers Guthrie Featherstone pursues his ambition of becoming a High Court judge, while Phyllida has a secret to keep from a former lover.

  • Rumpole and the Fascist Beast
    Rumpole defends Captain Rex Parkin, who is charged with inciting a riot by racist speeches. Rumpole also has a new pupil, one Latif Khan, and the young barrister is less than thrilled about Captain Rex.
  • Rumpole and the Show Folk

    Rumpole travels to the north of England and practices his own theatricality in defence of Maggie Hartley, an actress accused of shooting her womanizing husband.

  • Rumpole and the Case of Identity

    With the Christmas season in full swing, Rumpole defends Dave Anstey on the charge of stabbing a sales assistant in an off-licence. It seems to be a case of mistaken identity, but why does Dave's boss, on whom his alibi depends, change his story and undermine the defence? Meanwhile, Rumpole's Head of Chambers has an attractive new secretary, and starts spending a lot of time with her behind closed doors… When Guthrie Featherstone is seen gyrating at a disco with the girl from the typing pool, Rumpole means to get to the bottom of it all.

  • Rumpole and the Man of God

    Rumpole defends a vicar who is charged with stealing three shirts from a department store, but the troubled clergyman refuses to take the stand in his own defence. George Frobisher, who is in line to be appointed as a Circuit Judge, comes to dinner with the Rumpoles and introduces his new girlfriend. Rumpole remembers seeing her in court and advises his friend to think again.